These guidelines are designed to help you understand how to use our branding to best support us.
Can I connect a fitness tracker if I'm taking the Move Challenge?

If you've got a fitness device or app, you can connect it to your Movember account to automatically add your activities to your fundraising page and show your Move Challenge progress.
The fitness trackers and apps that can be connected are:
  • Garmin
  • Apple Health
  • Jawbone
  • MapMyFitness
  • MyFitnessPal
  • Misfit
  • RunKeeper
  • Strava

How do I connect my fitness device or app?

Go to the Move Updates tab in your Mo Space, or the Edit My Details section of your Mo Space, and you'll see the link to connect your device or app.

Click this link and you'll see the list of devices and apps that can be connected. Choose your fitness tracker from the list and follow the steps to connect it.

What happens once I've connected my device or app?

Your fitness activities* will be sent from your device to your Movember account. You can choose to either automatically post them to your public fundraising page, or individually choose which activities you want to make public from your Mo Space. Activities that are public will count toward your Move target. You can change these settings any time in the Edit My Details section.

Note: If you choose to post your activities automatically, there’ll be a delay of up to 30 minutes between your exercise and the public post.

(*See 'What activities are supported?’ below for some more info on which activities we can retrieve from your fitness tracker.)

What activities are supported?

Only the following Exercise Types can be posted to your Movember fundraising page using a fitness tracker:
  • Walking
  • Running
  • Cycling
  • Swimming
  • Workout
  • Yoga
We try to support variations of these activities where possible (e.g. "hiking", "mountain-biking", and "weight training" will appear as "I walked", "I cycled" and "I worked out" respectively), however some other activities you track with your device or app may not appear.

Why don't my total step count or my total distance walked appear?

Unfortunately we don't get this type of 'daily summary' information from the fitness devices and apps you can connect. We only get details of the individual activities you choose to track, such as runs, walks, cycle rides or swims you complete.

If you do want to enter your total step count and total distance walked, you can enter this information manually in the fields on the Move Update tab. Select 'I walked' from the Exercise Type list, and you will see the Distance and Steps fields to enter how far you went each day.

How do I add maps to my activities?

If you have connected your RunKeeper app, you can choose to add a map to your fundraising page with each activity (as long as you track the activity with GPS).

When you first connect your device or app, you'll be asked if you want to automatically add a map to your RunKeeper activities. Enable this (you must also enable automatic posting) and the next supported activity you track using GPS will be automatically posted to your fundraising page with a map of your activity.

You can also change this setting any time from the Edit My Details section.

How do I disconnect my fitness device or app?

Go to the Edit My Details section of your Mo Space to edit your fitness tracker settings.

How do I enter my daily step count and total distance?

You can enter this information manually on your Move Update tab by selecting ‘I walked’ from the Exercise Type list.
Cash Donations
Submitting any cash donations raised at your events is easy. Simply log on to movember.com/mospace/events/ and view your event. In the “Manage your event” section you’ll find the link to submit cash donations.

Use the form to enter the cash donation details. At the end of the process, use your credit card to submit your payment to Movember and receipts will be issued (straight away via email, or postal option is available). 

Cheque Donations
Please make cheques payable to the Movember Foundation and send to the address below. Be sure to include a note with the Host’s name, event name and registration number of the registered participant or event ID number (located in “manage Event” section) that the donation is for.
PO Box 68600
Movember Europe
Please indicate if you require a receipt. To speed up the process and save in postage costs, email is the preferred and most efficient method for sending receipts.
  1. Click on Sign Up.
  2. Choose whether you’d like to register as a team member, team captain or individual.
  3. Some general personal information will be needed - complete all fields and click 'continue'. Your personal details are protected by our privacy policy and will not be sold to any third party or used for marketing.
  4. You will then land in your Mo Space, where you can invite friends to sign up and donate, download information and posters and personalise your Mo Space donation page.
Yes, it is a legal requirement that participants sign up for Movember as you are fundraising on our behalf. It also allows us to know how many people are taking part and log donations against your total. By signing up you are provided with all the information you require to enable you to raise money and awareness for Movember and our health partners: Prostate Cancer UK and the Institute of Cancer Research.
You can reactivate for Movember 2015 by simply clicking on and updating your details. You will then have access to view your 2014 donations as well as everything you need for the 2015 campaign.
In Step 2 of the sign up process you will have the option to start a team or join one that already exists. Simply enter a team name that you would like to use.

If you miss this step, you can click the team tab on your Mo Space page and start (or join) a team from there!
You can join or start a team through your Mo Space by clicking on the 'Team' tab or in Edit Details, located under the 'more' tab. If you have trouble please contact us on 020 7952 2060 or info.uk@movember.com
If you want to change teams please contact Movember on 020 7952 2060 or info.uk@movember.com and have your registration details handy.
Yes, every Mo Bro and Mo Sista who is growing a Mo and/or raising money for Movember needs to sign up. If you have numerous people who need to sign up, please contact us on 020 7952 2060 or info.uk@movember.com and we can help with the process.  
Yes, your team captain can do this through the ‘Edit Details’ option in their login area.
The only way to do this is to have two separate registrations, one for each team. This is not recommended as it can create confusion, and you will not be able to combine your donations in order to reach milestones such as the Platinum Prize.
Yes, you are able to merge two teams. This can only be done by contacting us on 020 7952 2060. A verification e-mail may be sent to the captain of the existing team you wish to join.
Facebook Connect allows you to easily post items from the Movember website to Facebook, which you can use to request donations or recruit team members. By using Facebook Connect you can also see which of your Facebook friends are participating in Movember.
We require an email address from you in order to sign up as all information is sent via email. You will also need your email address to log in and view your donation progress.

If you do not have an email address, ask a family member or friend if you can have the information sent to their address and printed for you. Alternatively, you can create one for free using Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo or many other free email accounts.  

Your email address and personal details are protected by our privacy policy and will not be sold to any third party or used for marketing.

Mo Space is where you can view all of Movember’s participants and check out their photos, videos, updates and fundraising on each of their Mo Space pages. Every participant can create his or her own Mo Space page through the login area.
Yes you can. On your Mo Space Page, select the 'EDIT YOUR DETAILS' option, found under the 'More' tab. Once here, scroll down to the PRIVACY AND CORRESPONDENCE section, and next to PRIVACY click EDIT on the right. Here you can change both you profile and location to public or private.
Passwords are encrypted and are not stored in plain text. They are hashed via a one-way hash and seeded, so they can not be looked up in rainbow table.
Go to your Mo Space Page and click on any of your pictures. This will take you through to the photo gallery page. Here, you can select the UPLOAD PHOTO button and start sharing images with your adoring fans.
Go to your Mo Space Page and click on the moustcahe photo icon next to Your Motivation. This will take you to your Photo Gallery. Now you’re here, you can delete any image by clicking the trash can icon below the image.
If you can’t remember your password, click on 'forgotten your password' beneath the email/password fields on the login page. Enter your email address, press 'submit', and we will send you an email detailing how we can fix this for you.
A network is a group made up of different teams and individuals that could represent a company, organisation, college or school, sporting organization, community group or anything that unites people.

You can be a member of multiple networks, e.g. your work network and/or sports team network. This allows you to contribute to their total amount raised and compare fundraising, whilst still participating on your own or in a team.

If you already have a Mo you can do a ‘reverse Movember’ and have people donate to you to shave it off. Alternatively, you could shave off your moustache at the start of Movember and then re-grow your Mo throughout the month…. Maybe it’s time to try a new Mo style from our Mo Style Guide?
The definition of a Moustache:

1.    There is to be no joining of the Mo to side burns – That’s a beard.
2.    There is to be no joining of the handlebars – That’s a goatee.
3.    A small complementary growth under the bottom lip is allowed (aka a tickler).

Remember, it’s Movember, as a Mo is moustache. It's not ‘Beardvember’ or ‘Goateevember’.
Yes, Movember is for one month only! Head starts are not allowed and go against the spirit of Movember. View a copy of the Movember Rules.
Yes, you can order one donation box from the Merchandise section of the website. If you have a unique requirement please contact us at info.uk@movember.com
Sure, you can order a Promo Pack, which contains campaign posters, wristbands and stickers. Or, why not register to hold a Mo Party? If you need additional posters please contact info.uk@movember.com to request.
You can register to hold your own end of Movember Party at your workplace, university, club or local bar to celebrate your moustache journey and to crown your own Man of Movember and Miss Movember winners.Movember will send you a party pack with a Mo Party hosting guide, posters, donation boxes, stickers, badges, and a Man of Movember and Miss Movember sash. To register for a Mo Party click here.
You can order posters from the Merchandise section of the website. Alternatively you can register for a Mo Party and we will send you out a pack with posters, donation boxes, stickers, badges and a Man of Movember and Miss Movember sash, etc. If your workplace is particularly large or you have multiple offices and you need additional posters and/or donation boxes please contact us at info.uk@movember.com to request.
If someone donates to you online they are automatically emailed a receipt.

If someone gives you a cheque or cash donation and requires a receipt please contact Movember on 020 7952 2060 or at info.uk@movember.com.

Note: To speed up the process and save on postage costs, email is the preferred method for sending receipts.

You can pay your cash donations online using your credit card and still get your donors their receipts. Simply to your Mo Space via movember.com, click on the ‘’ tab in the menu on the left and follow the instructions under ‘’ .

  1. Collect and add up all cash and cheque donations.
  2. Download and print a Sponsorship Form.
  3. Complete the Sponsorship form outlining how you are sending in your donations (cheque/money order, credit card, EFT or bank deposit).

  4. NOTE: Do not post cash – you can deposit cash into our bank account, either online or in person at a Barclays bank:

    Banking Institution: Barclays Bank
    Account Name: Movember Europe
    Branch: 20-00-00
    Account Number: 73774651

    If you deposit cash into a bank please remember to attach the deposit slip given to you by the bank teller to your Sponsorship Form and give your registration number as a reference.

  5. Mail the completed Sponsorship Form(s) and any cheques/money orders/deposit receipts.

    PO Box 68600
    Movember Europe
    EC1P 1EF
You can pay your cash donations online using your credit card and still get your donors their tax receipts! Simply to your Mo Space via movember.com, click on the ‘Donations’ menu on the left and follow the instructions.
You can pay your cash donations online using your credit card and still get your donors their tax receipts! Simply to your Mo Space via movember.com, click on the ‘Donations’ menu on the left and follow the instructions.
Ideally we would like you to send in your money as soon as possible, but technically there is no cut-off date. However, we do draw all fundraising prizes at 10:00:00pm (GMT) December 8, 2016 so in order to be eligible for any of these prizes all money must be received prior to this date.
In order for any Bank Deposits or Electronic Funds Transfers to contribute towards your online total you must fill out a Sponsorship Form and include details of your payment, along with your registration details. Please allow up to a week for processing once we have received this form during the peak period. If after this your donation has still not appeared please contact us at info.uk@movember.com
You can still sign up until mid-December. If any of your donors need receipts please contact us on 020 7952 2060 or info.uk@movember.com
No, unfortunately we can only legally collect funds for the Movember Foundation’s official beneficiary partners and we cannot under any circumstances raise funds for other organisations.
If you would like to use Movember to raise funds for men’s health we ask that you select one of our world class health partners to support, by choosing to sign up in one of our official countries which are Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Ireland, USA, South Africa and Canada, as well as Finland, Netherlands, Norway, Czech Republic, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, France, Sweden, Switzerland, Spain and Austria. You can also register as ‘Rest of the World’ if you aren’t in any of these countries, and the funds you raise will go towards our global programmes.
Movember is continually growing and expanding to reach Mo Bros all over the globe, so if you would like to register your interest in your country joining Movember officially please contact restoftheworld@movember.com.
Click on the following to download:

Mo Style Guide

More images can be found in the  section of your Mo Space or on our Flickr pages.

Movember images and logos are for non-commercial use only, to promote your participation in Movember.  You must not use the downloads to create merchandise for sale.