21 May 2014

It is critical prostate cancer research gets the attention and funding it deserves, and so we are investing in the researchers of tomorrow.

Meet The Researchers
Where The Money Goes
Research is a not a short-term investment. It is a long, challenging process and requires skills and experience to succeed. It is critical prostate cancer research gets the attention and funding it deserves, and so, in partnership with Prostate Cancer UK, we are continuing to invest in research projects, focusing on the following key areas: effectively identifying those men more at risk, detecting the aggressiveness of the disease and developing more effective treatments, in particular for more aggressive types of prostate cancer.

Movember funds are allowing students to pursue their passion for research with prostate cancer-specific PhD programmes, and providing those researchers further along in their career with fellowships to help them specialise within the field of prostate cancer. Your fundraising efforts have also helped fund a number of strategic initiatives, which tackle some of the wider challenges in prostate cancer research such as collaboration and innovation. These programmes, amongst others, are working towards immediate research goals over the next few years. But they are also investments into the future of prostate cancer research, bringing more experts into the field and ensuring our researchers have all the tools and opportunities necessary to step up the battle against prostate cancer.

Here are some research projects that your fundraising has helped make possible:

Craig Robson - Professor of Molecular Urology - Newcastle University & Northern Institute of Cancer Research
Dr. Kelly Coffey - Cancer Development Fellow - Newcastle University
James Grey - PhD Student

Dr. Christine Galustian - Senior Research Fellow - King's College, London

Alan Clarke - Professor of Cancer Biology - Cardiff University
Matthew Jeffries - Clinical Training Fellow - Cardiff University
Dr. Valerie Meniel - Postdoctoral Researcher - Cardiff University

Dr. Claire Wells - Lecturer of Cancer Studies - King's College, London
Mario de Piano - PhD Student - King's College, London

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