3 December 2013

The hairy month may've come to an end, but your fundraising is still going strong. Here are some programmes Movember funds are helping right now.

Programmes We Fund
Where The Money Goes
The hairy month may've come to an end, but your fundraising is still going strong. Here are a few of the programmes Movember funds are helping right now:

The Health and Social Care Professionals

Your funds are making a difference, and the newly launched Health and Social Care Professionals Network is having an impact right now for those living with prostate cancer. This network represents part of an unprecedented level of investment into prostate cancer survivorship. Without your help, funds and dedication, this programme would not have been possible.

To learn more about our funded programmes helping those living with cancer, click HERE.

Movember's Global Action Plan

At a global level, the Movember Foundation funds the Global Action Plan (GAP), an international research collaboration initiative that is accelerating outcomes by providing researchers from around the world the opportunity to work together on specific research projects. Take a look at the video above for a brief overview of the concept and details of the first funded project.

To find out more about our research programmes, click HERE.

Report Cards

We strive for transarency at every opportunity, so in this section you will find a report on every programme we have funded, including specific projects within the programme, and the impact Movember is having. Whilst there is much work to be done, together we are changing the face of men’s health, one project at a time. No borders, no boundaries. We encourage you to take a closer look at the report cards, which are authored by the organisation managing the project, which is either a Movember Men’s Health Partner or the Movember Foundation.

To see all the report cards of the 577 funded global projects, click HERE.

Awareness and education

Often it’s the funds raised by a charity that are most remembered, but at Movember the awareness raised through the power of the moustache is equally as important. The growth of a new moustache prompts a conversation, which in turn generates awareness and educates people on the health issues men face.  Awareness and education then prompts people to take action and change behaviour, which is changing and saving lives today.

Movember, through IMI International - an independent research organisation - conducted a global survey* to assess the impact that the impact and awareness education programme is having on men’s health; check out the results in this video.

To find out more about our Awareness & Education goals, click HERE.

Projects Grants and pilot awards

Working with our men’s health partner Prostate Cancer UK, this year Movember funds have fuelled 17 Project Grants and Pilot Awards at leading research institutions across the UK. This funding focuses on three priority areas that have been identified as the most significant challenges in prostate cancer research. These include:

    •    Distinguishing between aggressive and non-aggressive prostate cancer
    •    Identifying men at higher risk
    •    Finding new treatment methods for advanced prostate cancer

Each funding opportunity asked that researchers address one of these issues.

These grants and awards are currently at institutions in Cardiff, Dundee, East Anglia, Glasgow, London, Newcastle, Sheffield, Southampton, Ulster and York. To check out these projects, and more about our research projects, click HERE and scroll down to the Research Grants.