1 August 2013

Through our programmes in the UK we can force genuine change, allowing others see the real benefits of the work we are pursuing. Lead by example and other will follow.

Lead by example
Where The Money Goes

Movember aims to have a significant social impact in our priority areas – prostate cancer, testicular cancer and mental health. Improving each of these issues in a significant way requires collective effort across the whole sector – from small communities to giant Biotech companies. In tackling the challenge to have a population based impact, Movember sees its role as a catalyst of research and health services that have the potential to be applied broadly across a health system and have a substantial impact.

In the UK, we hope to prove our prostate cancer nurse initiatives lead to significantly improved life quality for the men and their families suffering from the disease. We see our role as taking the lead – proving the effectiveness of a new idea – and ultimately getting major health funders to support these initiatives over the long term.

It’s still early in our life as an investor and it will take some years to evaluate the full impact of major new investments we are making. A great example of this in action is the Federal Government of Australia’s recent investment of £4.3 million GBP in prostate cancer nurses – off the back of Movember’s launch of the programme.

We dare to be different. Let’s hope different catches on.