14 March 2019

Sean and Ryan's story

“We are a live advertisement of early and late diagnosis”
Real Stories | Testicular Cancer
Twin brothers Ryan and Sean Collard were diagnosed with testicular cancer just 20 days apart.
Ryan, 24, a primary school teacher, was diagnosed with stage 4 testicular cancer in September 2017 after suffering severe back pain and passing out on numerous occasions.
“I wasn’t able to bank sperm and started chemo immediately. I had 8 months of intense chemo, then I had a stem cell transplant and finally had surgery to remove the tumours left inside me.”
While Ryan was receiving treatment, Sean came down to London to be with his brother. Whilst visiting, he noticed his left testicle had become swollen. Not wanting to worry his family further, he didn’t tell anyone and decided to go for a check-up when he returned home to Sunderland.
“They believed it was an infection but sent me for an ultrasound for peace of mind because my twin had just been diagnosed.”
Just 20 days after Ryan had been diagnosed, Sean was told he too had testicular cancer and 6 days later had surgery to remove the testicle.
Ryan: “We’ve always been extremely close and this unfortunate set of events has brought us even closer. As unfortunate as it was it’s nice to get through it together.”
Watch Sean and Ryan’s full story here:

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