29 October 2018

David's story

David's story
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Two years ago David Livingstone, 66, was diagnosed with aggressive prostate cancer that had spread to his bones and he was told he had just 12 months to live. After starting chemotherapy, David, a grandfather of two, from Co Armagh, Northern Ireland was asked to take part in a ground-breaking trial supported by the Movember Foundation. A team of researchers led by Professor Joe O’Sullivan of the Belfast-Manchester Movember Centre of Excellence at Queen’s University Belfast have been looking at a new combination of existing cancer therapies for men with advanced prostate cancer. In mid-December 2016, David began the treatment which involves having two types of radiotherapy. Subsequent MRI scans have shown that his spine is almost clear of the cancer.

David says: “I am very lucky and grateful to have taken part in this trial. If it was not for Professor O’Sullivan and his team I would not be here today. I’m not cured but for now my disease is under control.”

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