27 October 2015

Here we share Nancy’s journey as she visits the Movember Centre of Excellence in London; a project her late husband's fundraising helped make possible.

Nancy's Story: Centre of Excellence
Where The Money Goes
In this short film, we talk to Nancy Callow, the widow of Spencer Reynolds, about the impact of the Movember Foundation’s funds in action. Spencer was one of the most passionate Mo Bros we’ve been lucky enough to have in the Movember family. Spencer sadly died of prostate cancer in 2013 and still holds the title of the highest ever individual Movember fundraiser in the UK.  
Nancy visited the Movember Centre of Excellence in London to meet it’s Director Johann de Bono and learn more about the amazing work being funded by Spencer and the whole Movember community.

The work at the London Movember Centre of Excellence, led by Professor Johann de Bono at the Institute of Cancer Research, examines the genetic basis of the disease to help identify the men that are most at risk of aggressive prostate cancer and to improve treatment choices based upon each man’s genetic make-up.

As we celebrate the first year of the Movember Centres of Excellence we’re pleased to share that some great progress has already been made. The centre has demonstrated the value of bringing researchers and clinicians, with different scientific and medical expertise, together to make a real and lasting change for men with prostate cancer so watch this space!

This work is funded through the incredible efforts of all the Mo Bros and Mo Sistas who have grown and supported the moustache over the last few years. The London Movember Centre of Excellence is a partnership between the Movember Foundation, Prostate Cancer UK and the Institute of Cancer Research.

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