22 October 2015

Cycle superstars Santander are taking the phrase ‘handlebar moustache’ a bit too literally this year.

Partner Spotlight: Santander
Throughout Movember, cycle superstars Santander will be taking the phrase ‘handlebar moustache’ literally this year by Mo’ing up 1000 of their Santander Cycles in support of the Movember Foundation. 

Users and members of the public would be invited to ‘Spot the Handlebar Mo’ and submit a photo of their sighting via Twitter and Instagram, and tagging it with #MoCycle. For every sighting made by a member of the public throughout Movember, Santander will make a donation to the Movember Foundation - £1 for a regular Mo, £3 for a gold Mo*...Amazing!

So get out on the street, whip our your binoculars and get spotting those hairy cycles.

* up the to value of £10,000
See here for T's & inded C's.