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Prostate cancer is the second most common cancer in men worldwide. The Movember Foundation is working to halve the number of deaths from prostate cancer by 2030, and I want to help them get there. Help me stop men dying too young.
I'm supporting prostate cancer research
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Target: £150
Myk has raised £308 since 2013

My Move challenge

1 Moves
Target: 30
Giving up all sugar for the month and doing 75 push ups everyday.

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Myk Pilgrim
32 Week(s) Ago

been a little lax with posts but here's my Sanchez mo on day 14

Myk Pilgrim
33 Week(s) Ago

day 1 - clean shaven I look like a turtle.

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29 Week(s) Ago
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33 Week(s) Ago
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75 push-ups 1 m
33 Week(s) Ago

Fantabulous. 75 push-ups were the "easy" part - staying out of the cookie jar though - now that was hard. Here's to day 2.

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