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Target: £2,000
raised £1,295 since 2019
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Fundraising for cause areas including:
Men's health
Prostate cancer
Testicular cancer
Mental health and suicide prevention

This November and the 3...2...1...bro team will be taking part in a 13 hour workout to raise money in the fight to stop men dying young. This will be incredibly difficult, both mentally and physically, but we will have each other to help through. This event is bigger than ourselves though, as we need donations to help bring about the change that all men deserve. Any donations, no matter how big or small, are hugely appreciated and we will be incredibly grateful. Remember, we are stronger together. Thank you.

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The 3..2..1.. Bro 13 Hour Workout
Team captain Gerard Ellis
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85 Week(s) Ago

Hi Gerard,

Thanks for your fantashtic fundraising so far – way to Mo! Don’t forget, if you have £150+ on your page by the end of this Sunday 8th Movember, one of our limited-edition Movember face masks will be coming your way. For tips on asking for donations check out our story at

Mo on!
Daisy from MO HQ.

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