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Nothing brings strict teachers, lovely librarians, class clowns, and everyone on campus together like Movember. Rallying around the moustache is a fantastic way to unite a university or school. The level of education doesn’t matter when it comes to having fun while raising funds and awareness for men’s health, specifically prostate cancer, testicular cancer and mental health. See how you can get involved on campus!

Sign up

Commit to changing the face of men’s health and make it official by signing up for Movember now.

Get Talking

Start a conversation about the importance of men’s health by working it into a class project or hanging a Movember men’s health poster in the halls of your school.

Don’t Mo Alone

There is strength in numbers, so recruit your whole class or the entire school to join the hairy journey by creating or joining a Movember team. Check out your Mo Space, your Mo headquarters for all the tools to reach students, teachers and friends.

Grow a Mo for 30 days

Moustaches are Movember. Thin and wispy or thick and full – the size of a Mo doesn’t matter as long it’s in accordance with the official rules: no beards or goatees.

Raise Funds

Get to know your Mo Space - it’s your fundraising headquarters. It has all the tools for sharing your Mo Story and asking for donations that support life-changing programmes, funded by the Movember Foundation.

Celebrate the Mo Journey

Take pride in your Mo growing efforts by taking time out of your day to host a Mo Party in your student union or school hall. Staff and students alike will be in awe of all the fine Mo’s on parade.

Big Moustache On Campus


Teach some of the other teams a lesson this Movember and take part in a Network Challenge. By joining together, growing a Mo and simply having some fun, together we can raise much needed awareness and funds for men’s health initiatives.

If you’re a student, register a team of fellow students and teachers, and join the Big Moustache On Campus Challenge.



Movember is always a big favourite in schools, and this year it’s no different. With both teachers and pupils taking part, 2014 is going to be bigger and bushier than ever.

That’s because this Movember even pupils will get the chance to grow a Mo! All the Mo Bros of the future will now be able to experience the growing of a moustache with a little help from our friends at Miracle-Gro and their new Mo growing templates.

For info on how to get this template and start growing your own this Movember, check out the Grovember website.

First-class Mo's


October 23rd 2013 saw the University of Manchester Rugby 1st team play the University of Birmingham Rugby 1st team.

This was the Movember launch event for both Universities, where a big crowd came down and to cheer on their Mo’s-to-be. The Rugby boys were the main Mo enforcers at both the University of Manchester and the University of Birmingham during the month. All the teams and many of the supporters had signed up to their respective Universities, creating both large and diverse teams of Mo Bros and Mo Sistas championing the moustache.


Mo Bro Ben Rosenbaum, the RAG president, pulled together the campaign at Oxford and led the furry charge. They built on their successful campaign from 2012, where colleges whole-heartedly embraced the month of Movember. In 2013, Balliol College ended up being the highest fund raising college, raising an impressive £2,920, and the University of Oxford won the prize of most members within their network by the 15th Movember; for their team growing efforts, they were rewarded with the famous HP Sauce Van, handing out free bacon butties on campus to all Mo Bros and Mo Sistas who took part.

QUEEN'S UNIVERSITY. 242 MEMBERS. £21,830 RAISED. This photo was taken when they hit £16,000.

Since 2009, almost £500,000 worth of Movember funding has been awarded to researchers at Queen’s University Belfast. The University embraced Movember as a whole community; the campaign branched out to staff within the University, alumni and students alike. Mo Bro Tony Gallagher, Pro Vice Chancellor, decided to grow, and, at the launch event on October 30th, he was shaved down in the Great Hall to kick start the month. Teams included School of Education, Estates, University nurses, RAG, and the School of Pharmacy.

“We are absolutely delighted to have been a part of such a good cause and to have such commitment and support from across the University.”
Claire O’Callaghan, Communications Officer


Teachers and 6th formers in their final year once again pulled together to lead a Movember campaign. There were Moustaches all around the school and a number of events going on throughout the month, including themed days, cycling challenges, last man standing rugby, the Great Bedford Bake-off, pie eating contests and the famous video.


A good example teachers and pupils working together was St Paul’s School in Barnes, SW London, during the 2013 campaign. The teachers formed their team, raising nearly £7,000, while boys capable of growing the all-important moustaches in the Upper School did the same and finished just behind on just over £6,000.  Both teams formed part of the Schools Challenge Network, which raised in excess of £90,000.


University of Plymouth and University of Exeter continued their Movember support once again in 2013, with both universities holding a number of events during the month. Exeter came up with a row off in the centre of the university to raise extra funds, then at the end of the month Exeter and Plymouth held their own varsity fixture to see who would be crowned Dodgeball champions of the South West. Exeter emerged victorious, showing a large team isn’t always the key to raising the most funds. It’s all to play for this year!

Hints & Tips

  • Spread the word of the Mo wherever possible to drum up support on campus. You could target your course email list, put posters up, post about Movember on Facebook or give a pre-lecture shout outs.
  • Contact the sports team and the other extra-circular associations to see if they want to join your team (or start their own).
  • Once you’ve built your team, keep the momentum going by finding prizes for the best Mo of the week.
  • If you can’t make it to the nearest official Movember Gala, host your own! Award the titles of Man of Movember and Miss Movember for your university.
  • Challenge your teacher or lecturer to Mo-off. The best Mo at the end of the month chooses the other’s costume at the Movember Party.