2 February 2015

Prostate Cancer UK have recently launched their ‘Men United’ campaign, which focuses on real groups of men, the things they do together and the value of friendship to those men.

Keeping friendships alive
Our partner Prostate Cancer UK has just launched the second chapter in its ‘Men United’ campaign, focusing on the value of friendships and the importance of keeping these friendships alive as long as possible.

It’s a powerful sentiment and has a strong truth at its centre. We regularly depend on our friends to make our lives better and more fulfilling, relying on them to remind us of some of the more important, more serious, things in life. One day it might be a nudge to file your tax return, another time it might be to go and see your doctor – to “go and get that thing looked at”.

It’s something we’ve seen time and again with a Movember moustache acting as a prompt for guys to look at things in a different way and to have new, potentially life-changing conversations. Many times we’ve met with men who’ve told us that growing a moustache led to a surprise exchange that meant they looked at their health with fresh eyes and decided to take action with a little niggle, only to discover out that it was in fact something far more important than they’d suspected.

We rely on our friends for this sense of perspective and to open our eyes to fresh ways of thinking. Sometimes – if a conversation turns to something serious – it really could make the difference in helping keep our friendships alive… and who doesn’t want to spend more time with their mates?

As the moustache has shown us, conversation is key in the fight for men’s health. We would encourage all men to take heed of Prostate Cancer UK’s message and help spread the word about the risks men face. You can sign up to their Men United Campaign here.

In the UK, the Movember Foundation funds programmes addressing key issues in the areas of prostate cancer, testicular cancer and men’s mental health. In the field of prostate cancer, we are proud to work in partnership with Prostate Cancer UK to shape and deliver research and services that improve the lives and outlook for men with this terrible and all-too-common disease.

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