3 December 2014

The cream of the crop rise to the top. Check out who is leading the way on the leaderboards.

Top Fundraisers
The cream of the crop rise to the top. Check out who is leading the way* on the leaderboards and, if you're close behind, set them in your sights and get your fundraising face on - the 9th of December (deadline for prize winning) is just around the corner...

Leading Mo Bros

1. Philip Bloom
Mo Bro, filmaker and highest fundraiser on the Movember UK Leaderboards for 2014 (at time of writing) is a phenomenal funraising force and it doesnt look like anyone can catch him. His grandfather passed awy from prostate cancer and his uncle currently has it - have such a disease so close to Philip is surely one of the reasons he is so driven to do so much for men's health. His documentary work won awards at the Boston and Raindance Film Festivals, so he is no stranger to winning and it looks like he is on course to bag another prize for his Movmeber work, putting up fantastic prize draws for a minimum donations to his Mo Space. His goal is to raise the equivalent of $100k, which is roughly £63.7k - and having raised over £51k, this is a goal he's not very far off! Along with his team of dedicated Mo Bros and Mo Sista at Bloom 'Tache, it doesnt look like this donation machine can be knocked off the top of the table... or can he? Prizing deadlines end 10pm 9th Decemeber, so still time for an upset at the top. Check out his website here and his video here.

2. Mike Maloney
3. Stephen Hall

Leading Teams

1. Bloom 'Tache
Boasting over 100 members, this team of passionate Mo Bros ans Mo Sistas, led by their fearless captain Philip Bloom, are the current frontrunners of the UK's Teams Leaderboard. Auctioning off some amazing filmmaking paraphenalia and driving the fundraising message on all front, these champions of the Mo have been achieving great things with this man at the helm. They have been leapfrogging with Dr Harjeev Rai's CWM Medical, but are currently are out in front by a moustahce hair. Prizing deadlines end 10pm 9th Decemeber, so still time for an upset at the top!

2. CWM Medical
3. The ChairMen 7

Leading Mo Sistas

1. Brynja Duthie
Mo Sista Brynja is currently baking her way to the head of the Mo Sista leaderboards. After a three year battle with prostate cancer, her grandad passed away last January. Being a Mo Sista, Brynja can’t grow a Mo, but not one to be deterred, she decided to put her own spin on things. Brynja began baking and selling cookie moustaches on sticks and encouraging people in her hometown of Dundee to take selfies with her creations to help raise awareness of Movember. Such a seemingly simple method for fundaising, she has been relentless and driven in raising funds and awareness for mne's health, particular prostate cancer. She’s aiming to raise £3,000 for Movember this year and is already well on her way to hitting this target - help her get closer to her goal here.

2. Alice Dorrington
3. Lizzie Bayley

*These standings were correct as of 4pm Wednesday 3rd Dec.