1 December 2014

The thirty long days and nights of Movember have come to an end and the time has finally come to bid your moustache farewell. We feel it our duty to help you through this transition, to guide you through what might be a tough time for some.

Saying goodbye to your Mo
Gone but not forgotten. We bid farewell to the moustache again until next year; we leave behind only fond memories, fundraising achievements and a quivering top lip.
But be prepared, experience has taught us that letting go peacefully is not always as easy as one would have originally anticipated…..there may be some kind of separation anxiety as it's likely that you're fonder of your facial friend than you realise. 
What started off as a slightly prickly and awkward relationship has grown into one which you now rely upon. Your Mo has, no doubt, become your right-hand man; a constant in your life for 30 days that has stood by you through thick and thin, provided support at times of ridicule and confidence when it began to grow into its own and generate donations and conversations. With this in mind, we feel it our duty to help you through this transition, to guide you through what might be a tough time for some. 
Please read on and we'll walk you through it.
  • Put on some calming music – Tunes that you and your Mo have enjoyed together over the last month.
  • Trim back any longer hairs with scissors or an electric trimmer.
  • Lather up generously
  • Start from the outside and work your way in.
  • Wash it down with warm water.
  • Remember he will be back next year.
The 30 days of growth may have come to an end, but the power of the moustache and the wake it leaves behind, resonates for much longer than the hairy month. Your hairy efforts are making some serious change in the world of men’s health. The funds you've raised with the Mo are going towards game-changing men’s health programmes in the UK and around the world. Look back and reminisce about your greatest moustache moments, but also keep an eye on the horizon for what’s coming next in the world of men’s health and the advances you made possible.

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