18 November 2014

Denis Law, Manchester and Scotland football legend, discusses his prostate journey with journalist Bryan Cooney.

Footballing legend Denis Law
Denis Law is a Manchester football legend, having played for both United and City, as well as for Scotland. Despite the many challenges of his illustrious sporting career, he admits he nearly fainted from the shock when he first discovered he had prostate cancer.
In this frank interview, Denis Law discusses his journey with journalist Bryan Cooney, who has also been diagnosed with prostate cancer. The two men have had different experiences, but their conversation reveals similar challenges of dealing with the diagnosis and deciding upon treatment options and its impact upon their lives.

40,000 men like Denis and Bryan are diagnosed with prostate cancer each year in the UK, and through the power of the moustache we are helping men recognise the signs and catch the disease earlier. Funds raised by Mo Bros and Mo Sistas are being invested in programmes to find better diagnostic tests, refine treatment options and better support men throughout their journey.

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