23 November 2014

Your top lip is now looking more Magnum than man fluff and you should be proud. Make the most out of your Mo in these final days.

Top Tips for Mo Funds
Your top lip is now looking more Magnum than man fluff and you should be proud. Make the most out of your Mo in these final days and take note of some of our key fundraising hints and listen to some of the Mo's in the community who have some great tips to turn that moustache into cash.

1. Making, baking and moustache shaking. Being a Mo Sista, Brynja Duthie can’t grow a Mo, but not one to be deterred, she decided to put her own spin on things. Brynja began baking and selling cookie moustaches on sticks and encouraging people in her hometown of Dundee to take selfies with her creations to help raise awareness of Movember. She’s aiming to raise £3,000 for Movember this year and is already well on her way to hitting this target. Check out her Mo Space here.

2. Sacrificial Rights. Sure, you've thought of auctioning off the style, the colour, even the name of your hairy slug - how about auctioning the right to shave him off in December? Believe it or not, there are some people who don't think the moustache is the best facial accessory a man can have. Personally, we think these people need to open their eyes and smell the moustache wax, but we understand Mo's aren't everyone's cup of tea. Armed with this (frankly unbelievable) knowledge, sell off the razor-brandishing rights to the highest bidder.

3. If you're good at something, never do it for free. No, we're not joking. We've all got skills, passions or pastimes that to us may seem mundane and just par-for-the-course, but others may really appreciate what you've got to offer. It's never too late to hold a fundraiser for Movember and men's health, so why not now? If you're a gym instructor, do a spinning class with all entry fees going to Movember; if you're a chef, invite all your friends and family over of a slap up Mo-themed meal for a donation at the door; if you're an sculptor, maybe you can immortalise the highest bidder in a sculpture of their Mo that will last a lifetime. Use what you've got and and make the most of your Movember.

4.  Photoshoot for Mo Tribute. Photographer Extraordinaire and Mo Bro Laurence Winram is holding a photoshoot in Edinburgh offering to turn your Moustachioed face in professional quality headshots with a slightly criminal theme. Laurence is using his passion ans skill to provide people with memorable photos and posters in exchange for a donation to Movember. Find out more about his event this Thursday here.

5. Last Orders. It's the 1st of December so make one last song and dance about your month-long growing session. Let people know that your moustache was a Movember moustache and you want to make it matter. Even small donations can add up and go a long way to making a difference to the face of men's health.

6. Right under your nose. If you ever get stuck for some basic fundraising tips, you'll always find them in the last place you'll look - your Mo Space.

If you want to bypass the middle Mo, you can just Donate Now