18 November 2014

Just look at those that thing! Here are top top lip tips for a blossoming week three moustache.

keep it neat: fully formed follicles
Look at those fully formed follicles! You must be turning a lot of heads and raising a few eyebrows with that thing. What’s important now it to make sure you now maintain your moustache, to get the most out of it over the next ten or so days. In case you need a few pointers keeping that Mo looking as great as you feel, our friends at Ruffians Barbers are here to provide some helpful grooming tips:

1.    Stop trimming it when it gets messy! During the growth, it will inevitably look a bit strange and unruly, so you need to train your hairs to grow in the right direction. Invest in a moustache comb, keep it in your pocket and use it as often as possible to train the hairs outwards or downwards (depending on style).  You’ll soon see that this hard work will help to conceal stray hairs & curls.
2.    Keep the rest of your face clean shaven. You want that Mo to stand out, so don’t grow stubble around it or you’ll take the attention away.  It can be tricky shaving in the initial style, so if you’re nervous about making a hash of it, get yourself into a decent barber shop and get them to shave for you and then use their handiwork as a template.
3.    Keep it clean. As it grows out you need to make sure you use a decent face wash or scrub to clean the hair and the skin below.  We suggest a daily scrub before bed, with warm water and towel dry it afterwards.
4.    Use a wax to style it. Waxes are still and hard, so warm it up between your thumb and index finger, then apply to the moustache from the centre and work it outwards, into the hair to create your style.
5.    Stay looking sharp. If you need to trim stray hairs that are growing down your lip, or just can’t be tamed, then nail scissors are great for helping you to be precise. Or there are a lot of electric trimmers out on the market today that are suitable, although once again – a trip to the barber is the best way!

Stay tuned for more Mo tips...

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