6 November 2014

Meet the Ice Hockey Officials. These Mo's are some of the unsung heroes of Movember and without them things simply wouldn't get done.

Mo Bro Spotlight: Ice Hockey Officials
Not always in the limelight or the stars of the show, but an essential cog that makes the world turn, these Mo's are the unsung heroes of Movember and without them things simply wouldn't get done. Their hairy efforts have earned them time in the spotlight, and they deserved to be shouted from the top of a moutain; but we don't have a mountain, we have movember.com. The Mo's that make it happen: Introducing the Ice Hockey Officials. We caught up with them last week...

Can you please tell us what your job is and what a typical day is for you?

The Mofficials are a group of professional Ice Hockey Referees in the UK. We work the EIHL (Elite Ice Hockey League), which is the top level of hockey in the UK. Our job involves traveling around Wales, Northern Ireland, Scotland and England keeping an eye on those hockey players. There are approximately 35 EIHL Officials who work regular games here, all of whom will be involved in Movember.

When did you first take part in Movember?

This is our second year as a group, but as individuals some are up to year 5.

Why did you take part? For fun? For men’s health? For someone close?

Everyone has a personal reason, I think. It's something that in one way or another can affect everyone, so what better way to raise awareness than through Movember. It's fun but has a serious tune to it, something everyone can relate to.

How much did you raise last year?

I think our final total was about £4300. We are looking to top that this year and are in competition with our Canadian and American colleagues, plus more from European leagues, so your help is needed! The sport is much bigger over in North America and the Canadians raised around $60,000 I think. Let's aim for that!!

Were you in a team last year? Were you the Captain? How much did you raise as a team?

The team is called Mofficials UK. Ice Hockey referees are known collectively as 'Officials', so a great play on the words there. Our Captains were Mike Hicks, Tom Darnell and Matt Rose, however we all worked as a team to maximise the amount raised.

How would you describe the moustache(s) you’ve grown previously?

Last years was my favourite. We used a 'Hockey Roster' growing guide. The guys really stepped it up! Some of the bum fluff on the guy’s faces was embarrassing mind - those guys aren't allowed on TV.

What are your top 3 Movember moments?

I think the TV games with the Mofficials shirts are way up there. Great exposure for the cause and they looked awesome. Running the events at the ice rinks was also up there, the fans were superb and really got behind the guys. Lastly, just the buzz generated around Twitter and the league for Movember. Having fans just coming up for photos and to find out more info was great - let's keep that up this year!

Did your co-workers get on board last year?

Absolutely, it's mandatory for all Elite League Officials to register and take part regardless of manliness and the ability to grow a Mo!

Are you looking forward to Movember 2014? Got any grand plans?

Of course! This is the best time of year isn't it? We'll be at almost every rink throughout the month, so are encouraging fans to grow their own Mo's and come and speak to us and of course to donate and spread the word. We'll have competitions to win hockey memorabilia through our Twitter page @MOfficialsUK. Last year, we had special shirts and whistles made up, so are looking to do more along those lines this year.

Do you have any nuggets of advice for anyone taking part for the first time?

Don't be worried about what people think or how you look in those first few weeks! Keep going and keep spreading the word. It's great fun and raises awareness for a great cause.


Check out their Mo Space HERE.