13 October 2014

Don’t grow alone this Movember! Here are a few tips to encourage people to join your team.

Grow Your Mo Team

Get ready Mo Bros and Mo Sistas, this year we are Made in Movember - locally grown, world known, changing the face of men's health. You don't have to go through the hairy journey alone, you can join an already exsisting Mo team or create your own team of Mo Bros and Mo Sistas to grow together. Want to join a team that’s already been started? Search for the team or individual in the top right hand corner of Movember.com and request to join their team.

Want to start your own team? It's easy:
  • Click TEAM on the left side of your Mo Space
  • Select the “Start a Team” link

  • Name your team and start recruiting members
Customise your Team Page: Post photos, updates, and men’s health facts to inspire your fellow moustache mavericks to grow and fundraise throughout the month with you.

Get Social: Not quite sure how to write a status update that will motivate your social networks to join your team? We’ve made it easy for you to recruit everyone on your social channels with our ready-to-go Facebook and Twitter posts. Dad isn’t on Facebook, but he wants grow a mean Mo? Use our pre-written email messages in the Recruit to Movember section on the right hand side of your Mo Space.

Create Events: Hosting a Movember event is a fun and easy way to celebrate the Mo. Register your event and receive a free Mo Event Kit!

Educate: One in eight men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer in his lifetime, an important statistic that all of your friends should know about. Arm yourself with information about men’s health and Movember programmes to show others why you grow. Each Movember Mo has the power to spark over 2,400 conversations during the month about men’s health. We checked.

Take it to the streets: Spread the word with posters from our free promo packs. The Downloads section of your Mo Space has customisable posters, Facebook cover photos and donation cards. Plaster your office, school or favorite hangout with the posters included in your Mo Space.

Issue a challenge: Many Mo’s enjoy a little friendly competition during the month. Challenge your teammates, colleagues or friends to think differently about men’s health by raising funds and awareness for Movember. Fundraising goals are a great way to motivate your team. Set realistic goals and encourage your teammates to achieve them. You can also have fun by challenging your teams follicles to a growing contest.

Say thank you and celebrate: When someone joins your team or makes a donation, be sure to thank them for their contribution – they will appreciate it and want to participate further in your efforts. Host or attend an end of the month Mo party to celebrate a month well grown.

Good luck Mo Bros and Mo Sistas! If you have any other tips for team building, put them in the comments below.

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