9 July 1971

Nathan Deamer is a testicular cancer survivor who considers himself extremely lucky.

Testicular Cancer Survivor Nathan Deamer

Nathan Deamer is a testicular cancer survivor who considers himself extremely lucky.

In October 2010, he was diagnosed with testicular cancer and had the operation soon after. After follow up blood tests and CT scans, the severity of Nathan’s condition became apparent. He would have to start immediate chemotherapy treatment, which would last nine weeks. After the draining and deeply challenging course of chemotherapy, Nathan got the all clear.

Nathan recognises how lucky he his, not just due to the detection, but also the fact that he lives a stone’s throw from the Mount Vernon Hospital which has a specialist cancer centre. There he met Professor Gordon Rustin, one of whose specialities is testicular cancer. He made him a deal; he said he would save Nathan’s life, if he ran a marathon for him – for which Nathan is currently in training!

He has a great circle of friends who visited him daily, shaved their heads in solidarity, and helped his dad (a mild stroke left him unable to drive) to and from the hospital. They even offered to spend New Year’s Eve with him, although he was exhausted and fell asleep at 10.30pm. The debilitating chemotherapy, spending most of Christmas asleep and missing the chime of midnight on New Year’s Eve were made bearable by his close friends and family. Their constant presence and commitment was essential to helping him through what can only be described as the most challenging period of his life.

Nathan has been taking part in Movember ever since his ordeal, even if his moustache isn’t the strongest! But he knows that by staying positive and doing it with your friends and family, you can endure most things.