28 November 2012

We take a look back on some of the Mo Sistas who kept our Mo’s looking so sweet…

MO Sweet MO
As we say goodnight for the last time to our to the caterpillar that has slowly called our upper lips home, it’s time to pay tribute once again to the people around us that have given us so much support in our month of need (or turning a blind eye).
The “Auditashe” team were right on the ball this month, raising over £522 to date; but that wasn’t all down to the soup strainers. We’d dare to say a fair chunk of it came from Mo Sista Bettina Ayala’s cake making efforts - check it out! Needless to say I’m sure they saved some for later... in their whiskers.
Another Mo Sista worthy of a mighty salute is Kellie Scullion. She’s raised over £110 with her amazing cooking skills!
If you weren’t ready for dessert before, you certainly will be now. The way to a true Mo Bro's heart is obviously through his stomach…