20 November 2012

Philip Bloom is consistently one of our highest fundraisers. This year he is battling for the top spot and the much sought-after Mo crown.

High-Rolling Mo Bro

Philip Bloom – Film director, Mo Bro, and fundraiser extraordinaire. Consistently in the top three for fundraising in the UK, he drops some golden advice nuggets on us, giving those stuck at £0 the nudge you need to get off the mark:

What made you start taking part in Movember in the first place?
I had heard about Movember a few months before the first time I did it, which was 2010. When I found out what it was about I knew I had to take part, despite my loathing of moustaches! (Editor's note - we assume Philip is joking in the last part)

What has been your inspiration for fundraising so much this year?
Our team did so well last year and I knew we could raise even more if I made 10x more effort. Hence this year, for the second year running, a raffle will take place with lots of filmmaking gear up for grabs simply by donating around £20 and emailing me the receipt. A draw then takes place at the end and there will lots of lucky winners. But it really is win-win, as you have helped a great cause even if you aren't lucky in the draw. This year I have managed to increase the loot by about 10x thanks to incredibly generous companies and a lot of persistence!

What inspiration can you give others for doing their bit in terms of fundraising?
Don't guilt trip people into do it. It’s so easy to say to someone who hasn't donated, "So, you pro cancer or what?" - not a great way to do it. Grow a Mo if you can, but be incredibly active on social media. Make videos, take lots of photos. Show people you aren't just sitting on your backside waiting for money to come in!

Do you have any advice for those unsure how to start fundraising, or getting people to donate to them?
Start a team with friends, colleagues and that way it helps you get started and try to compete with each other to see who can raise the most. Nothing wrong with a bit of competitive spirit!

What are some of ways you’ve been able to raise so much this year? Anything in the pipeline for later in the month?
Hard work, daily tweets, Facebook, video blogs, my documentary on my grandfather and of course the massive raffle! The film competition ends in a day of two so will be judging those, PSA films and fun films. The winners get superb bits of gear!

Check out Philip's Mo Space here.