20 November 2012

Fundraising may seem a daunting task, but Rosa Glover has gone the extra mile and broken it down into bite-sizes pieces.

Creative Mo Sista
Rosa lost her father to prostate cancer only very recently, and since then her innovative yet simple plan has been raising funds and awareness for men’s health. She has vowed to tattoo a moustache on her finger if she receives ten pounds off a thousand people.

Is this your first year being a part of Movember?
Sure is.

What has been your inspiration for fundraising so much this year?
Seeing my father fight through everything these last months, never once did he feel sorry for himself, never once did he ask 'why me?’ - he was smiling and reassuring us until the last. I am so proud to be the daughter of someone so wonderful and strong. Dad is my inspiration and will be forever.

Do you have any advice for those unsure how to start fundraising, or getting people to donate to them?
Tell your story to your friends, tell them why you're passionate, and tell them why they should care. Don't be afraid to lead.

What tips would you give people struggling to come up with some really original fundraising ideas?
Do something that scares you a little bit! People love the idea of my finger Mo tattoo because it’s a little hard to believe that I'm actually going to do it! (I still can’t really believe it...)

What are some of ways you’ve been able to raise so much this year?
Breaking my target down into chunks that people can feel they can help me achieve. If I say 'I'm trying to raise 10K', people feel like it's impossible, and they couldn't possibly give enough to help. But the minute you break it down, 'I'm trying to get 1000 people to give £10', people feel like they can be part of something that's achievable.

Visit Rosa's Mo Space here