20 November 2012

The prospect of fundraising needn't be intimidating. This Mo Bro shows us how lots of little donations can really get your fundraising efforts off the ground.

Regular Mo Bro

Greg Dornan, the regular Mo Bro on the street, proves that every penny counts, and getting off the mark with a few small donations can be the key to getting your fundraising train out of the station.

Is this your first year being a Mo Bro?
Yes and definitely not the last!

Why did you decide to participate this year?  
After completing the gruelling London to Brighton 54 mile bike ride challenge last year to raise funds for a different charity, I (we) as a company (Southern Business Communications Ltd) decided to participate in the worldwide Movember phenomenon to generate more awareness for men's health issues, particularly prostate and testicular cancer.

What has been your inspiration for fundraising this year?
Movember is a charity very close to my heart! My brother recently and bravely battled testicular cancer. Whilst testicular cancer is perhaps known as one of the easiest to cure, it’s an awful prospect for any man to face. Every pound and penny counts to further research into conquering cancer.

Do you have any advice for those unsure of how to start fundraising, or getting people to donate to them?
Remember to have fun! If you can make people smile, you’re half way there. Social networking, friends, family and work colleagues are first port of call to gaining sponsorship... Just keep asking, be passionate and don't forget to inform your potential Movember merchants why you need it! (and to thank them after!)

What tips would you give people struggling to come up with some really original fundraising ideas?  
Personally, I wanted to have fun with my Moustache; it’s only 30 days after all - the 1st December Mo-off is soon approaching! I found dressing up and painting Mo Bros on my children certainly helped to receive more funds.

What are some of ways you’ve been able to raise funds this year so far? Are there any in the pipeline for later on in the month?
Absolutely, I’m thinking of auctioning off my Movember shavings on eBay for a one-day listing only on the 1st of December! Worth it, even for a pound I hear you say – it’s another tachtastic story in my book!

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