7 November 2012

Prostate Cancer UK and Movember have announced the most significant investment into survivorship so far, designed to help the many thousands of men living with prostate cancer and their families and carers.

Mo money in action
Movember and Prostate Cancer UK are proud to announce the establishment of the most significant prostate cancer initiative to date. This initiative will help the hundreds of thousands of men living with prostate cancer to survive the disease and enjoy a better quality of life. Made possible by funds raised by our dedicated Mo Bros & Mo Sistas, this initiative represents the UK’s most significant investment in prostate cancer survivorship to date.

Cancer can be the biggest challenge many men will face in their lifetime, and it’s not just about diagnosis or the treatment. Prostate cancer is a long journey with many stages along the road, and survivorship is one of the most significant aspects; it is also one of the most frequently overlooked. It is about what you are going to do now, how you move forward and how you and those around you are going to cope with the road ahead.

This will involve the coming together of leading prostate cancer experts from across the UK, combining the most innovative thinking in the fight against this most destructive disease.

The experts in the field will work in collaboration to identify and demonstrate the best and most cost-effective ideas for improving the physical and mental wellbeing of prostate cancer survivors. The task will be to develop evidence-based practical solutions to help men live longer and manage treatment side effects or symptoms that can be difficult to cope with, such as pain, fatigue, incontinence and erectile dysfunction.

Owen Sharp, Chief Executive of Prostate Cancer UK said:  “Prostate cancer is a disease which can have a significant impact on men’s bodies and their psychological health. Yet shockingly, we know that there is no universal agreement about how best to treat the disease in its early stages, and treatment varies significantly across the UK. That is why we are proud to be teaming up with Movember to tackle this issue head on. The idea is simple: in order to significantly improve the quality of life and outcomes for men living with prostate cancer, we need to change practice in the healthcare community and amongst men and their families." 

Our Executive Director of Programmes, Paul Villanti, says, “We are acutely aware that there are many unmet physical and mental health issues relating to prostate cancer that need to be addressed as a priority, which is why improving the quality of life for men living with the disease is very high on our agenda.  Just as men are sprouting moustaches across the country to join in our fight against prostate cancer and prostate disease, we are going to join practitioners across the country to prove how we can do better for men.”

For more information please visit http://prostatecanceruk.org/asapuk