21 April 2020

Keep moving in lockdown

Take on the 2.6 Challenge for Movember
Mental Health

Following the postponement of the London Marathon, the 2.6 Challenge gives you the chance to test your physical limits during lockdown.
The 2020 London Marathon was due to take place on 26th April, but understandably, this isn’t possible anymore.
Instead, charities and organisations across the country have banded together to create the 2.6 Challenge. All you need to do is lock in some time on or after the 26th April, challenge your mates, and do one thing which helps your mental and physical health.
Movember wants you to get involved to raise funds and awareness for men’s health, and to keep you moving in the COVID-19 lockdown.
Do what makes you feel good: walk 2.6km while listening to your favourite podcast, blast your power playlist for a 26-minute run, walk up and down 26 steps for 26 minutes, jog 2.6km worth of laps in your garden, do 26 push ups as fast as you can, or cycle 26km on an exercise bike.
You can sign up or donate to the challenge here, share it on social media using #twopointsixchallenge and ask friends to get involved.
During the COVID-19 lockdown, Movember has been working hard to build social connections amongst its community, offering advice, stories, and helping guys have vital conversations in these tough times.
Movember also recently launched its Virtual Movember Sessions as a way for guys to bridge the distance standing between most of us and normal social interaction during these tough times. 
And there’s plenty more to come, so keep your eyes on Movember’s social media channels and Movember.com.
Members of the Movember community will be taking part in the 2.6 Challenge to raise funds and awareness for men’s health. Read their stories below.


Testicular cancer survivor, Marc Massey, who was due to run the 2020 London Marathon for Movember said:
“On the 13th March, with just over six weeks to go until the London Marathon, I’d begun my taper in my training after working up to a comfortable 19-mile distance the previous weekend.
“I’d managed to keep injury free over the winter, and was looking to do quicker, shorter distances over the next month to ensure I took home a sub four-hour marathon in the capital.
“As I finished my speedy 5km, the dreaded notification popped up on my phone – LONDON MARATHON POSTPONED DUE TO COVID-19 FEARS.
“While I understand the decision to postpone the event, it was disappointing to see the notification. But my determination and training hasn’t stopped, and I’m still there supporting the charities close to my heart, especially Movember.
“My heart sank when they mentioned ‘isolation’, and my initial thoughts were that exercise would be prohibited to contain the spread of the virus. Exercise is my go-to; my release. I put on my running shoes and hit the pavements to clear my head and collect my thoughts.
“Without a goal and something to aim for, I really struggle with my mood and mental health. And that’s why I’ve continued with my training to ensure I’m ready and focused for London in support of Movember.
“As the effects of the Coronavirus have impacted the world and the UK economy, I’m more than aware how much it has impacted charities which I regularly support.
“That’s why I’m continuing to support Movember and the super work they do by taking part in the 2.6 challenge on Sunday 26th April.
“While it’s not a marathon around London, I’ll be donning my trusty Superman outfit to do a speedy 2.6km run around hilly Huddersfield to support Movember and other charities who have been affected in this unprecedented time.”
Having been treated for testicular cancer this year, Mo Bro Dan Drummond is also taking on the 2.6 Challenge in support for men’s health:
“I’m doing 26 burpees, 26 crunches and 26 press-ups in my garden. I’ll be challenging my friends and family to do something similar with the number 26 in mind, as it’d be a tough ask to get my folks to do my challenge.
“I was diagnosed with testicular cancer in January, so 2020 has been a turbulent time for me.
“I’m taking part because keeping active is a part of my lifestyle and I’ve been unable to work with a lot of my clients. I work in the fitness industry so being active and social is a big part of my job. I want to unite with friends and family, and keep those endorphin levels high during these tough times.
“I want other guys to do the same: take on a challenge, create awareness and get a good sweat on too.

dan drummond