20 November 2019

Grab your (KP) Nuts this Movember

The all-round good guys at KP Nuts are getting guys up and down the nation to check their nuts this Movember
Testicular Cancer | Fundraising

Balls, Plums, Bollocks, Gonads, whatever you call them it’s important to look after your nuts. That’s why the snack aficionados and all-round dry roasted legends at KP are supporting Movember this year, encouraging men up and down the UK to grab a handful and check their nuts.

As if those delicious snacks weren’t enough already, KP have also enlisted the support of football legend and testicular cancer survivor John Hartson, and Movember supporter Omid Djalili to remind men everywhere how important it is to check themselves for signs of testicular cancer. John said, “testicular cancer is the most commonly diagnosed form of cancer in young men but if detected early, the odds of survival are over 95%. That’s why it’s so important for men to regularly check their nuts. The best thing you can do for your testicles is to give them a bit of a feel every month or so, and if something doesn’t feel right, head to the doctor”. Watch the video to see Omid explain the importance of getting to know your nuts over a romantic candlelit dinner…

Omid Djalili and John Hartson