4 November 2019

Movember funds in action

GAP4: Exercise and Advanced Prostate Cancer
Prostate Cancer | Where The Money Goes

Hundreds of thousands of men around the world are diagnosed with prostate cancer every year. Globally 43 men die from prostate cancer every hour, and it’s our mission to stop this from happening.
Movember’s Global Action Plan number 4, or ‘GAP4’ is a Movember initiative that is asking the question ‘Can exercise help to improve overall health and slow the progression of prostate cancer?’ For this project, we are looking at men with advanced disease, specifically metastatic disease. Metastatic disease is where cancer has spread to other parts of the body, the sites outside of the prostate where cancer appears are called metastases.

We met with Robert Lane, a participant on the program, to hear what impact exercise was having on his overall health.

To find out more about taking part in GAP4, head to: http://gap4.movemberhealth.org