8 October 2019

Movember using online gaming to connect young men

British gamers look to match up with new mates using the WellPlayed Project
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Whether you’re a newbie, an experienced player or a pro, you can find like-minded gamers to join your squad when the Movember-funded WellPlayed Project hosts a major ‘matchmaking’ gaming event this weekend.

On Saturday October 12 from 1 - 4pm (BST), the WellPlayed crew will bring their 2019 series to the UK. Play Apex Legends – a battle royale shooter where legendary characters with powerful abilities team up to battle for fame & fortune - either at home or through a free computer booking at Experience Platform, WellPlayed’s partnering venue in London.


The WellPlayed Project links British gamers based on their preferred playstyle, with the aim of helping guys develop new friendships, both online and offline.

In the spirit of social connectedness, the project urges gamers to reach out to friends and invite them to join their squad. Register and form a squad, join your friend’s squad or be matched with a like-minded gamer for a chance to win a Valve Family and Friends Game Key – WellPlayed has 20 to give away!

For further insights on the game or to brush up your existing skills, a QUT eSports coach will also be streaming an Apex Legends game tutorial immediately before the event. 

After the event, share your favourite squad moment on the WellPlayed Project Facebook page for a chance to win some awesome prizes. Every time you join a WellPlayed online event in 2019 you’ll also go in the draw to win an XBOX One X or PlayStation 4 Pro console.

This October, WellPlayed and Movember are encouraging guys to take their mateship to the next level with these three simple steps:

  1. Step up - Reach out to your mates. There’s probably one who needs you. 
  2. Catch up - Get together and lend some of your time. 
  3. Speak up - Sense something’s up? Now’s your chance to let them know you’re there.
Professor Daniel Johnson, Director of QUT Games Research Lab in Australia, said: “We had really positive feedback from the attendees of our last event and we’re really excited to build on that momentum as part of Movember’s campaign. 

“If you haven’t reached out to a mate for a while, this is the perfect opportunity – we make it easy to invite friends onto your squad, you get to hang out while playing video games and there’s a chance to win great prizes.”
“We’re urging men to step up, put some solid plans in the diary and set themselves the challenge of talking about the stuff that really matters.”

Brendan Maher, Movember’s Global Director of Mental Health & Suicide Prevention, said: “It’s not just older men who are at risk of becoming socially isolated or lonely.

“Even young men – who on the surface may appear to be more connected – can struggle to maintain relationships with their mates.
“There’s a high chance you have a mate who is feeling lonely or isolated, but isn’t letting on that he’s struggling.
“We’re urging men to step up, put some solid plans in the diary and set themselves the challenge of talking about the stuff that really matters.”

WellPlayed Event Details – Saturday October 12, 1-4pm, 
Event info and registration: https://wellplayedproject.com