1 October 2018

We took the road less travelled to create something new for men going through a testicular cancer journey. See how and why.

TrueNTH Testicular Cancer
At the Movember Foundation, we want to ensure no man goes through testicular cancer without a community to reach out to, the knowledge and support they need, and the knowledge that no matter how hard the journey is, there is a good chance that they can get back to living a healthy and happy life.

To do this, we’ve designed a product – created with the help of men who’ve been through testicular cancer – with a particular focus on psychosocial, peer and decision support. It's called TrueNTH Testicular Cancer and here’s how it unfolded:

The Starting Point and Evidence Explored
Best evidence suggested men were likely to need the most support during diagnosis. To make sure this was true for men, we set up 13 sessions, of 2 hours each in 3 countries. We asked:
  • Men who’ve had the illness
  • Wives and mothers who’ve given personal care
  • Clinicians who’ve given testicular cancer care
Questions like: “What are the toughest times for guys with testicular cancer?”

The (Surprise) Findings
Diagnosis is tough. But for a lot of men, the time after surgery is tougher. At this point in time, men told us they had felt:
  • Anxiety about the type or stage of testicular cancer they may have.
  • Unease about what their future holds.
  • Isolation from being off work and alone during such a stressful time.
The Idea
We used these findings to come up with some possible solutions to help men through the period after diagnosis. To do this, we set up 10 prototyping sessions, 25 user testing sessions, 1 minimum viable product.

The Result
A website that supports men beyond diagnosis, so they no longer have to go through the testicular cancer journey alone.

The new website includes:
  • The testicular cancer journey: Info for every point of the experience. From finding a lump, to going to the doctor, being diagnosed, and treated.
  • Talk to an expert: The ability to send one-on-one messages to clinicians, from the privacy of home.
  • Connect with a man: Software that matches recently diagnosed men with those who’ve been through the journey before.
The Next Step
We measure, learn, iterate, re-build and continue testing. The site will go into clinical trials to understand just how much it’s helping men, and how we can support them even further.

The global burden of disease study estimates that there are nearly 340,000 men living with a diagnosis of testicular cancer.

The Destination
A world where no man goes through testicular cancer without a community to reach out to, and the knowledge they need. So men know no matter how hard it is, they’ve got the chance to be even better than they were before.