30 May 2018

Movember Foundation’s powerful Suicide Prevention Campaign video wins the Charity Film Award

Movember Foundation Wins Charity Film Award

The Movember Foundation has been awarded the Charity Film Award for the ground-breaking suicide prevention campaign video “Suicide notes talk too late”.

Launched on World Suicide Prevention on September 10th, the video featuring real men who have been affected by suicide, has seen more than 6 million views since going live and generated a significant response in media and at an individual level. The bold and powerful video was part of a content series which helped ignite important conversation about suicide, the complex issues that surround it and what everyone can do to address it. Conversations that will help save lives.


“We’re proud to be recognised by the Charity Film Awards for our “Suicide notes talk too late” campaign video. Every minute, a man dies by suicide. Our aim is to stop the alarming rate of male suicide. We’re working towards a world where men and boys take action to be mentally healthy and well, and are supported by their friends, family and community during tough times”
said Paul Villanti, Executive Director, Programs at the Movember Foundation.


400 Charities entered the public voted UK Charity Film Awards with over 60,000 votes being submitted overall. It is an honour to be recognised by the public for bringing to light the important issue of suicide and help stop men dying too young.

The Charity Film Awards have commended the video as “a confronting, authentic piece of content designed by the Movember Foundation” and highlighted how “the charities that have entered the Charity Film Awards have created videos that have the power to move, to warm hearts, to inspire, to engage…. to change the world.”

Nearly 10% of those who voted in 2017 also made a donation to charities. This has also contributed to driving more traffic to view videos and increase reach.

The films were judged in two phases:

  • firstly by the public to determine a short list of entries for each category (and have an opportunity to donate to the cause as they vote)
  • secondly by a panel of expert judges who voted independently to choose winners from the short list

Representatives of the UK Movember Team attended the awards ceremony held on Saturday May 12th in London.