15 November 2016

The Um Bongo mascot is growing for Movember, and has so far raised £11,616 for our cause areas.

Not Just for Humans: Um Bongo Hippo Grows Mo
The Hippopotamus mascot of Um Bongo is growing a moustache for Movember, and has so far raised £11,616. 

Hippo and his herd of furry, scaley and feathery mates are sporting their improved upper lips on new limited edition packaging, available in Tesco stores across the country. Um Bongo are donating 12 pence for every purchase.

Had your delicious jungle juice fix and want to go one step further? Run with the herd, donate to the team here or sign up to raise here. Hippo and his pack is fundraising fast, currently sitting at second in the UK leaderboard on movember.com.

Hippo has also penned a revision to the original '83 advert theme tune in honour of the hairy month - and he has ambitions on Christmas number one....

Way down deep in the middle of the Congo,
A hippo, and the animals decided to it was time for Um Bongo

to dance a merry tune and raise some money for Movember
which meant growing a moustashe or two during the month of November

The python picked a twirly one, the marmoset a monster.
The rhino chose a droopy one and the parrot, a mouser.

They’ve all come out to raise a smile
 and encourage others to run a mile.

12p will be donated from Um Bongo tropical Movember packs
 to support the health of all our Johns and Jacks. 

So come and join the Um Bongo fun, get down to the groove
and do your funky thing for charity -  host, grow a mo or get up and move.