10 November 2015

Week 2 and we're still going strong. Moustaches are properly starting to appear now, and people are getting into the swing of things with MOVE. Nice.

Community Spotlight Week 2
Week 2 and we're still going strong. Moustaches are properly starting to appear now, and people are getting into the swing of things with MOVE. Nice.

Take heart from the Mo Bros and Mo Sistas on the fundraising frontline, raising cash and eyebrows with their hairy goings on:

MOVE x Project Awesome

The guys from Project Awesome, an community-led early morning exercise troupe run in London, held a massive team run and workout to help kick off Movember. They started in the four corners of London and converged at the Scoop, South Bank for the finale. Here they are on the billboards in Picadilly Circus (thanks ClearChannel - legends), jumping for joy on Tower Bridge, Mo's in hand.

If you want to fling them a new quid, click here. Or if you want to be a part of Project Awesome, click here.

England Rugby League Mo Bros

The England Rugby League Mo Bros are on board in a big way this year. Zakk Hardaker, Chris Hill, Mayy Smtih and the rest of the guys span the Mo Wheel to select the styles they are going to grow this month - some of the less follicly-equipped chaps landed some pretty elaborate style. Best of luck with the Imperial...

They also have a Rugby League called the 'Mo's of St. George', led by Team Captain Jon Wilkin, league legend and match commentator extraordinaire (rocking a decent Mo during the 2nd Eng vs NZ match at the Plympic Park).

Join the team or donate to them here.

Up in your grill

Vauxhall are another of our amazing Movember communities this year. Their motors are sprouting Mo's as well as their staff, who will be driving them around  all month. This particular beast is in their show room, letting everyone who visits who's boss when it comes to tight lines, streamlines bodies and bumper design. An aside form the fuelled furry business, they had a bakesale last week which raised £365. Cracking!

Check out their network page and strap yourself in.

Mo-narch Airlines

These high-flying Mo's have taken things up a class by putting the largest moustaches on planes the world has ever seen (as far as we know), chaning their name for the month and flying the flag for men's health across the skies - just incredible work form this Mo Community this year, massive props (#planepuns). Need something to look up to this Movember? Mo-narch have got you sorted.

You'll find places to donate here, here, here and here at the back.

Sheffield Weds vs Brighton

The guys at Sheffield Wednesday and Brighton Football Clubs clashed the other day, but weekday namesakes we rocking official Movember warm up tops, so we reckon they should've had the endge - ended in the draw though, so at least there were no losers on the night! If you were lucky enough to get down there, you may've seen us on the big screen as well. Forgive the fuzzy pics - we weren't allowed as close as we would've liked, and we got a bit excited...

Belfast Centre of Excellence

Belfast Trust in partnership with The Centre for Cancer Research and Cell Biology (CCRCB) at Queen's University Belfast are running a number of fun activities for staff during the month. Belfast Trust staff used pedal power to launch this year’s Movember campaign! They held a Spin-a-thon event that was coordinated by the Health Improvement Team, and had staff from all departments jumping on the bikes to keep the wheels spinning for the 4 hour period. It was also an opportunity to showcase the Cancer Centre lifts which are the first in the UK to have installed the visual Movember message on their doors to encourage more people to ‘MOVE’ and use the stairs.

Their next challenge is 100,000 steps over a two week period! The Challenge will commence on Monday 16 November until Sunday 29 November 2015. Amazing work from some amazing people.

To donate to the teams, head here.
To learn more about the Movember Foundation's Centres of Excellence, click here.

Mo's on the tracks

Northern Rail are once again pulling out all the stops and Mo'ing up their fleet of trains to the max. Keep an eye out for these hairy trains and send us some snaps.

Send them some love on their Mo Space.

Bedford School MOVE to Australia

Not really. But almost!

The daring lads at Bedford School are planning to cycle the distance from their school to where their teacher has just moved to in Australia. A fantastic physical feat of endurance and power; a great example of how you can MOVE this Movember, should growing a Mo not be in your vocabulary quite yet.

Follow their progress and drop them a few quid in support here.