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What Does the Movember Foundation Seek to Achieve?

The Movember Foundation recognises that the poor state of men’s health is largely due to a lack of awareness and understanding of the health issues men face and that men are often reluctant to take action when they do not feel physically or mentally well.

Seeking to change the face of men’s health is an ambitious challenge. But it is a challenge that the Movember Foundation is committed to tackling and succeeding through the programmes that we invest in around the world. As the largest non-government investors in men’s health programmes in the world, we are uniquely placed to play a significant role in improving the health outcomes of the men that we serve in 21 countries.

We want to see significant improvement in the men’s health issues we have prioritised – prostate cancer, testicular cancer and mental health. In addition, our key programme that spans the men’s health spectrum is our Awareness & Education project, which seeks to educate and inform men on health issues men face.

Since 2004, we have invested in over 800 programmes globally aimed at tackling critical challenges in these areas.

For men diagnosed and living with prostate cancer or testicular cancer, we seek to improve their physical and mental health, and reduce mortality.

When it comes to mental health, we want men and boys to be mentally healthy and take action to remain well. When they experience mental health problems they need to take action early. We will continue to actively contribute to a world where men and boys with mental health problems are not discriminated against.

Some of these challenges, such as men and boys taking action early when they experience a health problem, require a fundamental paradigm shift in prevailing attitudes and beliefs of what it is to be a man. Tackling these challenges through a gendered lens is fundamental to making progress. We see a significant opportunity to improve health outcomes by understanding how we can build on the positive strengths of masculinity in a way that leads to men and boys taking action to stay well and acting early when they experience health problems.

While progress has been made on many fronts over the past few years, the Movember Foundation is committed to accelerating progress and outcomes. To do this, we believe that we need to take risks, and be a disruptive but positive force for rapid progress and change.

Our Funding Cycle

In every country, all projects that we fund must be aligned to our Strategic Goals. The Movember Foundation has a dedicated Programme team, responsible for ensuring that we achieve significant results for the projects we invest in. To ensure the projects we fund achieve the best possible results, they are overseen by Movember Foundation’s Programme Team, the Movember Board, and project specific expert governance panels.

Funding projects varies on a country-by-country basis, taking into account the amount of funds raised and federal regulations. We directly fund global initiatives (such as our Global Action Plan) and also partner with many leading national charities to design and implement projects.

There is an open application process for new projects, which are typically reviewed by a panel of expert peers who make recommendations on the quality of the proposals.

Each April, funds from the previous campaign are finalised, allowing us to support existing or new projects. Existing projects are typically funded over the following months, while new projects may take up to 12 months to design, implement and allocate funds.

Which programmes are we funding?

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To view all the programmes being funded by the Movember Foundation please see our Report Cards.

It is Movember Foundation policy that funding awards do not allow or support institutional overhead so we can maximise the level of funding applied to research, health services interventions and their evaluation.