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01.11.2021 Movember urges men to take care of their health as life expectancy gap between men and women begins to widen again after 40 years
The gap between male and female life expectancy in the UK has begun to widen again, after narrowing steadily for almost four decades, reinforcing Movember’s call for a greater focus on men’s health and empowerment of men to take action to improve their health. The men’s health charity, which today launched its 15th annual fundraising campaign in the UK, said the figures highlighted the ongoing crisis in men’s health.

13.10.2021 Movember reveals the famous faces of the 2021 campaign, including Ashley Walters, Royal Blood, Fearne Cotton, Ghetts, Joe Sugg, Jonny May, Professor Green and more
Leading men’s health charity Movember reveals its star-studded cast and fundraising campaign for 2021, featuring a series of striking celebrity portraits directed and shot by acclaimed photographer Greg Williams.

10.09.2021 Fear of offending or saying the wrong thing stopping Brits from checking in on men in their lives
Fear of causing offence or saying the wrong thing is preventing Britons from checking in on men who they suspect may be struggling with their mental health, new research shows.

14.06.2021 Movember calls on dads to brush up on parenting skills with world’s first Online Parenting Programme aimed at Fathers
Ahead of Father’s Day on Sunday, 20th June, men’s health charity Movember are calling on dads to brush up their parenting skills with the world’s first online parenting programme aimed at fathers. Movember’s Family Man is a free, online course designed to equip dads (and mums) of children, aged between two and eight, with the practical skills to manage challenging child behaviour and improve their parenting confidence and mental health.

23.05.2021 A decade of the Distinguished Gentleman's Ride
The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride (DGR) celebrated 10 years of riding dapper for men’s health on Sunday 23 May. The global event, which spans 107 countries, brings together the motorcycle community and their passion for classic style bikes to support and raise funds for Movember, the leading men’s health charity. Over 340,000 riders have taken part in the event since 2012.

10.05.2021 The friendship cost of COVID 
Over a third of men in the UK (38 per cent) fear they have lost friendships as a result of COVID-19 lockdowns that they will never get back, according to new research from men’s health charity Movember. The results of a six-month research project* by Movember looking at the pandemic’s impact on the mental health of men across the UK, Canada and Australia, has revealed that many men are feeling isolated and distant from friends, prompting concerns for their long-term mental health and wellbeing.

13.04.2021 Ballsy campaign from Movember urges young men to ‘Know Thy Nuts’
Nads. Crotch nuggets. Junk. Bollocks. Family jewels. Nuts.  In case you missed the memo, April is Testicular Cancer Awareness Month, and men’s health charity Movember is issuing an important reminder for men to regularly schedule time to 'Know Thy Nuts'. Movember's Global Director of Testicular Cancer, Sam Gledhill says although testicular cancer is a relatively rare disease, it disproportionately affects younger men.

01.02.2021 Movember launches world’s first Online Parenting Programme aimed at Fathers
The world’s first online parenting programme aimed at helping dads (and mums) to improve their parenting and their child’s behaviour has been launched in the UK, by men’s health charity Movember. Movember’s Family Man is a free, online course designed to equip parents of children, aged between two and eight, with the practical skills to manage challenging child behaviour and increase their parenting confidence.

19.10.2020 Movember reveal 2020 campaign celebrity portraits starring Sir Mo Farah, Liam Payne, Peter Crouch and more 
Movember has launched its 2020 campaign with a series of celebrity portraits directed and shot by acclaimed photographer, Greg Williams. Featuring Sir Mo Farah, Liam Payne, George The Poet, Peter Crouch, Abbey Clancy, Sam Claflin, Jack O’ Connell, Russell Tovey, Dermot O’Leary, Jesse Wood, Miles Kane and Chris Robshaw in a series of intimate and compelling portraits to help change the face of men’s health.

16.10.2020 Movember 2020: The most important Mo you'll ever grow
Movember is reminding Brits that in 2020, this will be the most important Mo they’ll ever grow. In what has been a tougher year than most, the charity is calling on Mo Bros to unite, farewell the follicles and shave down on October 30 to raise funds which will stop men dying too young.

17.08.2020 Movember offers £1.86 million for creative ideas to tackle men’s loneliness
Movember is issuing a £1.86mil call out for innovative digital and tech ideas addressing the mental health challenges that stem from social isolation. It’s called the Social Connections Challenge. Through crowdsourcing, the challenge aims to find and develop ideas for new digital or technology initiatives that maintain or strengthen social connections and address isolation in groups of at-risk men.

24.06.2020 Movember and The Distinguished Gentleman's Ride commit £630,000 to reduce social isolation and improve mental health in the motorcycle community
Movember has partnered with The Distinguished Gentleman's Ride in a new project to tackle social isolation and poor mental health within the motorcycle community. The Distinguished Gentleman's Ride Social Connections Challenge is being developed to find initiatives which can improve the social connectedness, life satisfaction and mental wellbeing of motorcycle riders.

21.06.2020 British fathers of young children reveal they lean on their friends more for support – yet nearly half missed social connection in lockdown
The Covid-19 pandemic has changed the way fathers interact with their friends and even altered how they view these relationships. Ahead of Father's Day, new research from Movember found dads are struggling without normal social interaction. 

21.05.2020 Movember launches campaign to help men have tough conversations with mates struggling in lockdown
Movember has launched its ‘Take our Words for it’ campaign to support men during the COVID-19 pandemic. The concept is designed to compel people to engage with Movember Conversations, Movember’s new mental health tool to help to tackle issues of social isolation, stress and anxiety made worse by the global crisis. 

18.05.2020 Nearly half of British men say no one has asked them how they are coping during lockdown, Movember research finds
Eight out of 10 (83 per cent) of British men find it helpful when people ask if they’re having a difficult time - yet nearly half (46 per cent) say no one has checked to find out how they are coping during the COVID-19 pandemic, according to research released by Movember to mark the start of Mental Health Awareness Week. 

21.04.2020 How Movember is helping men maintain strong relationships with virtual gatherings during COVID-19 lockdown
Physical distancing is the best weapon against COVID-19 at the moment, but it doesn’t mean our relationships also need to be kept at arm’s length. Keeping in regular contact with friends and family has never been more important, which is why Movember is launching its Virtual Sessions to encourage men to rally together. They act as a way for guys to bridge the distance standing between most of us and normal social interaction during these tough times.