Get Involved

Network Challenges

Got what it takes to be captain of your industry? Join one of the official Movember Network Challenges and compete with other Mo’s across your sector and across the globe to see who takes the title and holds bragging rights till next year. Network Challenges seek to bring together companies in the same industry in a fun, competitive environment, rewarding the highest fundraisers after a head-to-head battle charted on the network leaderboards.

The Technology Challenge

Google will take some beating so who’s got the (search) engine to challenge these tech titans in 2015?

The Oil & Gas Mo Rumble

BP? Best on platform as far as this challenge goes, so good folk of the ever supportive oil and gas industry, get involved and challenge them for the title of highest fundraisers!

The Books v Briefs Challenge

Who will be top dog in this year’s accountants versus lawyers challenge? Will bragging rights go to the bar or the bean counters?

The Square Mile Financial Challenge

The blue chip challenge in terms of funds raised, where Bloomberg wear the crown. Backed by Square Mile magazine/

The Hard Hat & High Vis Challenge

For the Movember community working in property & construction, this is the month when moustaches must be grown on site at all times.

The H2Mo Challenge

We’re hoping that drip, drip becomes a deluge of fundraising in this thirst quenching new challenge.

The Agency Challenge

The creative industry has always been a colourful community in terms in fundraising so it’s time for some more blue sky thinking for men’s health!

The Planes Trains & Automobiles Challenge

Rev your engines, check the rotors, fasten your seatbelts and mind the gap in this race for moustache and fundraising glory.

The Blue Light Challenge

For the brave Mo Bros and Mo Sistas of the emergency services and armed forces, those prepared to make a real difference this Movember.

The Gym 500

Gyms, health clubs and fitness professionals, get your weight(s) behind MOVE and test the fundraising power of your members and staff. Raise £500 and gain entry to the Gym 500.

The Schools Challenge

Please sir, can I grow a Mo? Gather your staff, inspire your pupils and pit your wits against schools nationwide. And keep an eye out for a new lesson plan and ‘Mofti’ day...

Big Moustache on Campus Challenge

Co-ordinate your companions on campus. We want you to share everything moustache related going down at your university, for the chance to win some one off prizes.

Hospitality Challenge

This is more about creating Mo Hubs for our community to hang out in, with suitable offers that raise funds and create awareness of our cause areas. It tastes better with a moustache and where else can you have a man date? Somewhere to talk when times are tough...

Moving Mo Challenge

Give, Grow, Move. Take your Mo on the move and show us your fundraising muscle. Make it matter.

The British Barber’s Association Challenge

Who’s got the chops to take the title from the mighty Gent’s Quarter from Basildon, Yorkshire? Fundraise and ease the journey for our Mo Bros with discounted clean shaves/free Mo trims.

The PGA Golf Day Challenge

Do you want to chip in and raise funds for Movember? Do you want to drive conversation about men’s health? Looking to MOVE for Movember…then let’s go clubbing! Host a golf day, get your club or society involved, join our network and compete for a place at The Belfry next year!