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Industry Challenges

Do you have what it takes to be captain of your industry? During Movember, join one of our Industry Challenges to compete with other fundraisers across your sector and around the country. There are prizes and rewards on offer, plus the chance to claim bragging rights for a year. Check out the Industry Challenges that were on offer in 2016:

The Technology Challenge

From micro chips to big data, the Mo Bros & Mo Sistas in tech know their stuff. Who is going to prove themselves at the cutting edge of the moustache though? On or offline, we need you to raise some serious funds & awareness.

The Square Mile Financial Challenge

You can bank on these guys to balance the books and invest wisely in the future of men's health. For companies that deal in all things financial across the UK, this one is for you. Backed by Square Mile magazine/


The Property & Construction Challenge

For the Movember community working in property & construction, this is the month when moustaches must be grown on site at all times.

The Media & Agency Challenge

Ad men, journalists, creatives and editors, spread the word about Movember across multiple channels, broadcast about your bushy upper lips to sway public opinion and fill columns for a good cause.

The Legal Challenge

Mount a hairy legal challenge against prostate cancer, testicular cancer and mental health issues. It's time for law firms to get competitive with each other to change the face of men's health.

The Planes Trains & Automobiles Challenge

Rev your engines, check the rotors, fasten your seatbelts and mind the gap in this race for moustache and fundraising glory.


The Blue Light & Forces Challenge

For the brave Mo Bros and Mo Sistas of the emergency services and armed forces, those prepared to make a real difference this Movember.

The Consultancy Challenge

Providing expert advice on raising funds & awareness through moustache growing is your business. Who will prove their expertise and come out tops?

The Schools Challenge

Please sir, can I grow a Mo? Gather your staff, inspire your pupils and pit your wits against schools nationwide. And keep an eye out for a new lesson plan and ‘Mofti’ day…

Big Moustache on Campus Challenge

Co-ordinate your companions on campus. We want you to share everything moustache related going down at your university, for the chance to win some one off prizes.


The Hospitality Challenge

This is more about creating Mo Hubs for our community to hang out in, with suitable offers that raise funds and create awareness of our cause areas. It tastes better with a moustache and where else can you have a man date? Somewhere to talk when times are tough…

The British Barbers Association Challenge

This is the official network of the British Barbers Association. Cutters of the UK unite for Movember and men's health. Chop chop!

The Sporting Challenge

For club, country and men's health, no matter the size or shape of your balls, whether you excel in track or field, it's time to Move for men's health. At the end of Movember, who will top the league and who will be relegated to lame Mo status?

The Oil and Gas Challenge

A tough and highly prestigious challenge for all our Mo Bros and Mo Sistas in the oil, gas, and energy industry - offshore personnel, engineers and riggers come together to battle it out to be master of natural resources and natural facial hair.