Gold dice on a black surface
Movember & DragonsImage by: Unsplash
Gold dice on a black surface
16 August 2023

Movember & Dragons

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24 hours of interactive Dungeons & Dragons and music for Men's Health

To honour World Suicide Prevention Day, Movember community ambassador Ro Ram, in conjunction with Rolldark, is organising a 24 hour interactive Dungeons & Dragons livestream fundraiser for Movember.

A community of passionate supporters will be coming together to play games and change the face of men’s health.

You can be part of this too.


  • Date: Saturday 9th - Sunday 10th September 2023
  • Time: 5pm BST
  • Tune in to the livestream
  • Follow the story here

Four improvised DnD sessions of six hours live from London

Four professional DMs and sixteen players tell one epic tale

Three unique and incredible improvised music performances

One amazing charity, Movember, funding over 1320 men’s health projects around the world.

Follow the story as each part passes their characters onto the next group.

Pre-party from 5pm GMT on Saturday 9th September, first game starts 6pm GMT and each part lasts 6 hours until finishes on actual World Suicide Prevention Day at 7pm on Sunday 10th September.

A big Mo thank you to Links Broadcast for providing the facilities to deliver this live stream.

More info

The Twitch livestream will feature a Movember-themed interactive D&D role-play game, interspersed with improvised musical interludes, featuring legendary musicians from the London, Bristol and Sheffield scenes alongside amazing up-and-coming new artists.

The event will raise funds for Movember and our work in changing the face of men’s health, as well as starting important conversations.



Saturday 9 September 5pm GMT (1pm EST)

Kicking off in style with our charity partner and supporters!


Sunday 10 September 12 midnight GMT (9 September 8pm EST)

Increasing the chaos with a hardcore DnD crew


Sunday 10 September 6am GMT (2am EST)

Adding a dash of queer magic to keep the energy vibrant and wholesome


Sunday 10 September 12 Midday GMT (8am EST):

Bringing the story to a crescendo – how will the adventure end? Can a bunch of improvised heroes save the world?

The Why?

On average, three out of four suicides are men and we are losing one man a minute to suicide around the world.

The issue of suicide is incredibly complex. But we know this: improving overall mental health and helping men establish better social connections can reduce the risk of suicide. And so that’s our mission. To get there, we’re uniting experts, funding bold new approaches and embracing fresh perspectives. Examples of this include the Movember funded project, Gamers vs. Depression.

Movember community ambassador Ro Ram says

“We are inspiring our audience to help craft 'One Fun Story' to have fun and save lives through the powers of collaboration and community. We’re incredibly excited to embrace the power of music and professional acting as we go loud to address this quiet issue”.

Donations during the stream will order to change the narrative of the game, as well as exclusive giveaways thanks to the generosity of the community supporting.

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