John Mills, Founder of Gamers vs DepressionImage by: Movember
Teams playing online games
8 October 2021

Gaming as a vehicle to engage young men around their mental health

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Using the money raised by our epic community, we’ve been able to fund 11 new mental health initiatives including Gamers vs Depression.

Gamers vs Depression uses online gaming as a vehicle for developing depression literacy and better social connections in adolescent males. Delivered by Play Aid based in Colchester, Essex, the aim is for ‘gaming teams’ to act as a social/peer-support group where young men can openly discuss challenges outside of their immediate network in a safe and supportive manner.

" People have been turning to gaming to fulfil that social connection we’ve not been able to have had in person over the last year. "

The funding comes through our Social Connections Challenge; aimed at identifying strategies that will strengthen the social connections of men who are struggling with isolation and poor mental health, particularly in the wake of COVID-19 lockdowns.

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