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As a Mo Sista

A Mo Sista loves moustaches and is dedicated to supporting the men in her life and promoting the importance of men’s health. Mo Sistas are champions of men’s health, not only encouraging the men in their lives to grow a Mo, but actively signing up and raising funds and awareness themselves to change the face of men’s health.

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Officially commit to changing the face men’s health by signing up for Movember now.

Get Talking

Have a chat with a man in your life about their health to spread awareness for the cause. Encourage men to grow or get other Mo Sistas to sign up.

Create or Join a Team

There is strength in numbers, so recruit your friends, family and co-workers involved in the cause.

Raise Funds

As a Mo Sista, you don’t need to grow a Mo to raise funds for Movember. Share your dedication by hosting a fundraising event or get creative - all the tools needed to ask for donations are in your Mo Space, your fundraising headquarters.

Give Mo Love

A wink, a nod, a smile or word of encouragement can make all the difference to a Mo Bro and his moustache.

Celebrate the Mo Journey

Take pride in your efforts to change the face of men’s health by hosting a Mo Party or join other Mo Bros and Mo Sistas at an official Movember Gala – the costume party Mo’s are growing for.

Mo Sistas to be proud of

Co-owner of Gent’s Quarter Claire Chambers is the mastermind behind her West Yorkshire salon becoming the highest global fundraiser in the barbering community.

Together with husband Olly, Gent’s Quarter has hosted some innovative events, such as a men’s health evening to kick off Movember 2013. Claire explained:

“It’s amazing what you can do with some drinking straws and fresh plums! Our local GP did an inspirational lecture about the workings of the prostate itself as well as the realities of male cancer including testicular cancer.”

Gent’s Quarter motivated the village of Baildon to raise money for Movember and also hosted a kid’s disco at a local school and a Mo Sista night at the Twelve Café Bar.

Claire is planning another series of local events for 2014 in a corner of West Yorkshire that is forever Movember!


Jacinta Phelan has been a Mo Sista for the past 7 years. As the Director of Hospitality at Harvey Nichols (including the acclaimed OXO Tower restaurant), she works with a lot of male colleagues and takes part in Movember each year to do something for all the men in her life. During the years she has been involved, she has discovered that more men have opened up about their health and that several have been through serious illness, such as prostate cancer – highlighting the importance for people to take action to raise awareness and funds for men’s health.

As the captain of Team MOXO, Jacinta’s aim each year has been to try and get as many people as possible to do a little bit to support the cause. She says she is focused on fundraising and encourages the competitive spirit – "the chefs love the camaraderie".

Jacinta has been the top fundraising Mo Sista in the UK for the last two years, and in 2013 she decided to try something new. Like so many good ideas, this one came to light when she was in the shower one morning! Inspiration struck her to base her month’s challenge upon a simple fact. With a little bit of research she found out that the average moustache had around 2000 hairs in it, and upon this foundation, Jacinta devised Team 2k30.

2k30 was a challenge to Mo Bros and Mo Sistas to undertake 2000 seconds of exercise on each of the 30 days of Movember. It could be anything: sit-ups, running, cycling, or simply walking together with your team, thereby improving your health whilst having fun. It worked a treat, bringing Mo Sistas into the team, together with their fellow Mo Bros, and fostering a spirit that helped Jacinta become the top fundraising Mo Sista once again in 2013


Mo Sista Jo has been a big supporter of Movember for a number of seasons. Known to sport the odd Mo herself (not real, don't worry), Jo provides great support to her Mo Bro husband Sean during his 30 days of Movember whilst being hugely passionate about all things moustache related. But Jo is not only a committed member of the Movember Community. Dr Joanne Welton PhD is also a Movember funded research associate at Cardiff University working on Movember's Global Action Plan project (GAP 1). GAP 1 is looking at Biomarkers and Jo, working alongside Dr Aled Clayton, is specifically seeking to develop tests that will accurately detect aggressive and non-aggressive prostate cancers, disease progression and treatment resistance.

When she's not in the lab, Jo is always on the look out for moustache related items. She has a large and growing collection and can often be spotted around the university sporting a pair of Mo earrings and spreading the word of the Mo.

It's great for Movember that we can fund young researchers in the field and even better when they are passionate Mo Sistas already!

Jo will be supporting her husband again this growing season whilst sporting the odd Mo herself and doing lots of awareness and fund raising along the way. And of course when she's not doing that, she will be significantly contributing to creating better outcomes for men diagnosed with prostate cancer - that's what makes Jo a true Mo Sista and inspiration to all those that Mo!


Amy Voce is a Mo Sista, and a Radio and TV Presenter. She lost her Dad to prostate cancer. This is her story:

"I was 26 when I was hit by the bombshell that my Dad had Prostate cancer. He had an odd ache in his shoulder for months and it was only from our nagging that he eventually went to see the Doctor. My Dad had just turned 60, and was very fit & healthy; he was a pilot, he never drank or smoked and had never suffered bad health, so we thought nothing of it. We were left completely shell shocked when the results came back with a shadow on his lung, which turned out to be Prostate Cancer. On that very day he was told it was advanced, aggressive & terminal and he was given two years left to live."

To read more about Amy’s moving story and what drives her to help change the face of men’s health, click here.

Hints & Tips

  • Keep it personal. Complete your Mo Space by uploading a profile picture and personalising your motivation, explaining why you are standing up for men’s health.
  • Set yourself a fundraising goal and create a list of family, friends and colleagues who you could approach for a donation.
  • Give them the Nod. A wink, a smile or a small word of encouragement can make all the difference to a Mo Bro and his moustache.
  • Hit the inbox. Email is one of the best and easiest ways to ask for a donation.
  • Use social media. Ask for donations through a Facebook post or tweet. Keep it social and get your friends and family involved.
  • Track your progress. Snap your Mo supporting efforts and share photos to keep your supporters up-to-date on your activities.
  • Say thank you. You’re not in this alone. Send a personal thank you to recognise everyone who supports your Movember efforts.