Welcome to the Order of Mo

The Order of Mo is the world’s least secret society. Because we want everyone to know we stand for healthier men and a healthier world.

Movember is our time to unite. To take on mental health, suicide, prostate cancer and testicular cancer. And you coming along for the ride only makes us stronger.

The Mo is calling. How will you answer?

How to Mo in four easy steps

Images of two smartphones, showing the opening screens for the Movember app.

1. Sign up

Ready to become one with the Mo? Sign up online or download the Movember app.

Images of smartphone, showing a screen on the Movember app that asks users: "How will you Mo?" Four options are presented.

2. Choose how you'll Mo

There are four ways to do Movember. Pick which one works for you – or go all out for men’s health by choosing a combo.

Images of two smartphones, showing two screens for the Movember app. These are the "Create Your Personal Mo Space" screen, and a view of a user's Mo Space.

3. Set up your Mo Space

Every Movember supporter has a Mo Space. It’s where you create your profile, set a fundraising target and upload pics and progress updates.

Image of a smart phone screen, showing the Movember app. Several magnified sections highlight the user's fundraising target.

4. Raise funds

Now you’re ready to spread the good words. Share your fundraiser far and wide to bring in donations.

Four ways to Mo

Growing a moustache isn’t the only way to be part of Movember. Members of The Order of Mo travel many enlightened paths. Check out the four ways to Mo:

Photo of a handsome man, sporting an excellent moustache, looking attentively to camera.

Grow a moustache

If there's one thing The Order of Mo is known for, it's this. Growing a moustache is our symbol for better men’s health. It also grabs attention and starts important conversations. So give it a go – it shows the world you stand for healthier men and a healthier world.

Photo of two people in running attire, jogging toward camera.

Move for mental health

Move is how The Order of Mo remembers the 60 men lost to suicide globally, every hour. To take part, all you have to do is run or walk 60 miles. Cover the distance in one go or over the month.

Photo of two women, fervidly singing into a microphone.


The Order of Mo loves a gathering. So get your believers, supporters and followers around. Host an event that raises awareness and funds for men’s health. Make having a good time your goal and you won’t go wrong.

Photo of a person in a rabbit costume, donning skis and ski poles, in mid aerial leap.


There are many ways to support The Order of Mo. That’s why we have Mo Your Own Way. Climb a mountain, break a personal best, quit social media for a month or take on a dare for men’s health. Do it your way and you won’t go wrong.

You don't have to Mo it alone

Rally your friends, family and colleagues for a bigger and better Movember experience.

Stylised photo of a group of jolly-looking friends. Some wear a mix of numbered sporting attire.

Start a team in your community

Movember rocks harder when you’re in a team. A team makes a bigger impact. And that means more much-needed funds and awareness for men’s health. Now’s the time to join a team or start your own.

Stylised photo of joyful-looking business people, smiling and laughing during a meeting.

Take on Movember at work

Forget boring team-building activities. Here’s how to really have fun at work – while doing a heap of good for men’s health.

Here's why Mo Bro Aldwyn Boscawen loves the hairy season
Black and white photo of handsome man, sporting an impressive moustache, exercising outdoors and smiling to camera.
Here's why Mo Bro Aldwyn Boscawen loves the hairy season

As a 10-year+ Mo Bro it’s hard to imagine not Mo-ing. It’s so much more than the one month of November – it’s the community that is brought together by the team at Movember and the work that is done using the proceeds. I couldn’t imagine not being part of it each year.

Where does the money go?

The funds you raise will take on the most pressing issues when it comes to men's health. Learn more about the causes Movember supports and the important work you enable us to fund.

Photo of a man and a woman looking to camera, mouths agape, at something grand in the distance. One of them is connected to a medical device with a plasma bag.

Men's health

Our fathers, partners, brothers and friends are dying too young. The funds you raise are taking on some of the biggest issues affecting men’s health.

Photo of a motely assortment of people from many walks of life, walking to camera, their faces in awe.

Our impact

Since 2003, we have built a men's health movement, funding over 1,320 projects around the world. Some called us mavericks along the way. We call it challenging the status quo – shaking up men’s health research and transforming the way health services reach and support men.

Ready to go?

Sign up and start your Movember fundraiser today.