27 July 2023

Why I Mo: Peter Keane

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I'm Peter, I'm 34 years old, and I'm a product development engineer. I live in Tallaght, where I grew up and I've supported Movember since 2012.

My reason for getting involved is my dad. He genuinely was one of my best friends. We used to go for a pint and play music with some friends every Wednesday night. He passed away, aged 56, in April 2012.

I still remember when he was first diagnosed with cancer, when we thought he was all clear, and when he was subsequently diagnosed again. They have left indelible marks on my mind.

My Dad always had a moustache. The first time I ever saw him without a moustache was when he started chemotherapy, which caused his hair to fall out.

I do Movember every year to raise money for research into cancer treatments, diagnostics, and possibly cures.

I also do Movember to encourage people to check themselves regularly, and to get themselves checked regularly. The moustache serves as a visible reminder to my friends to do so. I strongly encourage anyone who thinks they've found something to go see their GP. Don't be embarrassed. They've seen it all before.