Liam's storyImage by: Robin Boot Photography
6 October 2020

Why I Mo: Liam Meyer

Mo Bro
Liam Meyer
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Earlier this year, Liam's dad contracted COVID-19 and sadly passed away from it.

Next March, the year anniversay of his dad's passing, Liam’s taking on a motorcycle ride in his memory.

“I’m one of 5, I’ve got 4 older sisters. Dad and I were really close being the only men in the family, we did talk a lot and really bonded that way. He was always tinkering - helping me repair cars, he loved aviation, he couldn’t ride a motorbike but he’d always wanted one. He loved it.”

"I set up a support network for other people that have lost loved ones to COVID-19. Next March I’m going to hop on my motorbike, ride from Lands End to John O’Groats and back again and visit some of the people from my support network. It will be a year anniversary since lockdown first happened, when dad passed away, dad’s funeral, and when I started the support network - so it’s quite significant."

You can follow Liam's journey here.