Bristol BearsImage by: Robin Boot Photography
30 November 2021

When Movember met Bristol Bears

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We sat down with long term supporters Bristol Bears Rugby Club to talk moustaches, Movember, and their reasons for dedicating their faces to men’s health.

Jake Armstrong talked to us about the pressure of the sport and the importance of prioritising your mental health: “The pressure within the sport now to perform is huge, probably bigger than ever. We’ve got fans, we need to do right by ourselves, do right by our teammates. So, the pressure to perform is huge. I think it’s important just to accept that sometimes you do have to switch off. You do have to take yourself away from that. How do you do that? Well, it’s whatever you find gets you in a place of relaxation and switch off.”

To hear how their Movember campaign went down, as well as some end of the month grooming tips. Watch here.