Two men stand on fishing boat smiling at camera with ocean in background
Movember invests $100 million in the new ‘Movember Men’s Health Institute’Image by: Movember
Two men stand on fishing boat smiling at camera with ocean in background
3 December 2023

What is The Movember Institute of Men's Health?

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So you may have heard we launched a thing called The Movember Institute of Men’s Health. We’re putting AUD $100 million behind it and we’ve even appointed a professor to lead it (hey Prof Simon Rice).

But what is The Movember Institute of Men's Health? And what does it mean for men’s health outcomes?

In a nutshell, the Institute exists to accelerate research and translate it into practical, real-world outcomes to address critical men's health issues. Issues such as mental health, prostate and testicular cancers, gender-specific health care, and men's health literacy. It’ll do that by:

  • Building sector capacity: The Institute aims to uplift the profile of men's health by developing a collective impact model. One which engages with and draws upon valuable insights from women's health research, recognising the importance of a holistic approach to gender-related health issues. By building sector capacity and securing research funding from external sources in Australia, Canada, the UK, the USA, and beyond, Movember aims to collaborate effectively to accelerate momentum for men’s health.
  • Building human capital: The Institute will fast-track the next generation of men's health researchers and leaders to accelerate improvements in health outcomes, with a special focus on health equity. The Institute will seek to strengthen the capacity within communities to support healthier men in these communities.
  • Research and evidence: The Institute will build evidence of what works in men’s health, with a strong emphasis on implementing this in the real world. It will take a multi-disciplinary approach to tackling complex problems, drawing from clinical research, behavioural and implementation science. The Institute will collect, house, and openly share valuable data, both proprietary and non-proprietary, to provide a comprehensive overview of the state of men's health.
  • Influencing change: Research outcomes will influence advocacy, policy development, and strategic direction, ensuring research leads to tangible improvements in men's health. The focus will be on interventions that can be translated and scaled to change behaviours, systems, and norms. Using effective communication strategies, the Institute aims to engage men and their communities to promote positive health behaviour. It will put men’s health on the agenda of national and international health agencies.
  • Knowledge translation: The Institute will be a driving force, nationally and globally, in disseminating effective strategies for enhancing men's health. Generating evidence and translating it into actionable, scalable solutions that fast-track progress in tackling men's health challenges, by globally advancing strategies that are proven to work well.
  • Key health initiatives: The Institute will focus on men's health issues where Movember can make a significant impact, including prostate and testicular cancer, men's health literacy, gender-specific health care, and men's mental health. It will delve deeply into Youth Mental Health and Prostate Cancer research, two areas critical to advancing the wellbeing of men.
  • Global presence: The Movember Institute of Men's Health will have a presence in Movember's four main markets: Australia, Canada, the UK, and the US, while fostering connections to research, practitioner, and clinician networks worldwide to maximise its impact.

We’ve designed The Movember Institute of Men's Health so men can live happier, healthier lives. And whole communities benefit too.