Kearnan MyallImage by: The Visuals Team
29 October 2020

Vulnerability as a sign of strength

Mo Bro
Kearnan Myall
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“In the early stage of my career it was, you don’t show any vulnerability, you don’t show any pain, you just get on with things.

At first, it didn’t feel like a pressure because it was so normal, particularly being from Huddersfield, the working class background, where men are brought up as men, and any sign of vulnerability is a ‘weakness’.

I experienced a severe period of depression just over halfway through my career. I think, looking back, I’d probably been depressed several times before, but I just didn’t really know, or I didn’t really understand. But this time was a bit different."

" I couldn’t be depressed because I was an athlete "

Ex-professional rugby player, Kearnan Myall, opens up about his own mental health struggles both on and off the pitch. And how by understanding his own mental health he’s now at a place where he really enjoys life.

“If you are struggling, then don’t be afraid to have that conversation with somebody who’s close to you, don’t be afraid to show a bit of vulnerability, because showing vulnerability can be a really huge sign of strength.”