3 BDO young staff wearing fancy dress, posing for camera, before taking part in a run
BDO staff taking part in a marathonImage by: Movember
3 BDO young staff wearing fancy dress, posing for camera, before taking part in a run
Runners at Movember running event
BDO staff on zoom, showing off their moustaches
30 May 2023

The Movember Business Club: the BDO legends

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Being part of the Movember Business Club (MBC) is one of the ways you and your team can be Mo community legends.

MBC is an employee engagement program for companies - It’s a fun way to promote unity, health and happiness in the workplace, whilst fostering a bit of healthy competition to get your colleagues talking.

You'll be havin' fun, doin' good.

Want to be a MBC legend? Email businessmos@movember.com to get started

The BDO MBC legends

BDO UK LLP has been part of the Movember Business Club for the last three years and have raised a whopping £50,000 to support the vital work we do across the globe.

This year, across 18 offices, BDO raised a fantastic £16,000 for Movember to fund game-changing work in mental health and suicide prevention, prostate cancer and testicular cancer. Chris Grove, part-time moustache wearer, partner and member of the Leadership Team said -

" Our Mo Bros and Mo Sisters at BDO have really embraced Movember’s ethos of ‘Having fun while doing good’ "

“With our core purpose of “Helping you succeed” and Wellbeing a core plank of our unifying culture framework, it’s great to be able to support charities like Movember. There is still huge stigma attached to mental health in the workplace and the work Movember does to break down barriers, particularly with men, and to get people talking about mental health is incredibly important. I must thank my colleagues who’ve been flying the flag for Movember over recent years and putting themselves “out there” to raise the profile of men’s health and generating vital funds for what is a really important cause and a great charity.”

How did they Mo?

BDO kicked off the month with Movember HQ’s very own Russell McIver (Senior Corporate Partnerships Manager), showcasing the charity’s purpose and core objective, alongside highlighting how important funds are in changing the face of men’s health. With BDO UK’s network informed with a clear objective and motivation in mind, the month was well and truly kick started.

Teams across the country went head-to-head in a ‘Move for Movember’ challenge to complete the most kilometres of swimming, cycling, running and walking in the month, promoting physical and mental wellbeing while engaging in some healthy competition. As a combined firm they covered c.14,000km, all in the aid of men’s health. Epic effort. Thank you BDO.

Throughout the month of Movember, BDO kept men’s health firmly on the agenda on their social media platforms. They also engaged with staff internally through communications, focussing on raising awareness for men’s health.

The campaign culminated in a powerful Movember “Speakeasy” session. Delivered in partnership with ‘The Man Cave’, BDO joined Lindsay Marchment (Mental Health Facilitator) and the team for this workshop-style event is designed to normalise challenges, encourage help seeking and arm attendees with the tools to support their friends, family and community more effectively. It was great to see the positive impact it had on attendees:

“The Movember speakeasy provided a virtual forum allowing quality time to interact with colleagues, discuss concepts and the reality of how men's health and wellbeing is perceived and spoken about. This was covered in a manner that was thought-provoking, honest and considerate. Appreciate the opportunity to discuss this important topic.” - Attendee

And, of course, underpinning all of BDO’s efforts, we saw many of their colleagues across the country braving the itchy upper lip, all in the name of men’s health.

Dev Daas (Movember lead at BDO) said:

“It’s been fantastic supporting Movember over the years in the successful partnership we have built. Our Mo Bros and Mo Sisters at BDO have really embraced Movember’s ethos of ‘Having fun while doing good’, all the while supporting Movember change the face of men’s health across the globe.”

From our point of view, we can’t thank BDO enough for their incredible support. It truly feels like a joint partnership and we’re delighted to help them to have better conversations both with each other and also with friends & family. We can’t wait to see what exciting things BDO has in store this year and we’ll be tagging along for the ride.