Movember AwardsImage by: Movember Productions
13 November 2020

The Movember Awards

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Welcome to the global Movember Awards, crowning the best of the best across 30 days of fierce moustache growing, Move challenges, events hosted and Mo Your Own Way escapades. Nominate yourself, your friend, your colleague, your postman, your parents - whoever deserves global recognition and boundless glory.

The Award Categories

The Epic One: The moustache whose greatness we didn’t see coming, but now can’t deny was born to be worn on that face. An awe-inspiring effort and true hero of hairy upper lips.

The First One: You never forget your first. Especially when it looks like this. Nice work, newbie.

The Salt and Pepper One: The upper lip that declares ‘I am wise’ to the world, we honour the grey, all-knowing Mo.

The Disappointing One: This is ‘at least you tried’ at its best – a lacklustre display worthy of praise and a point for participation. Disappointment at its career best.

Movin’ On Up Award: For the smoothest moves, the sweatiest effort and a fiery spirit to boot, we honour the world’s best Movember Mover.

Host with the Most Award: If hosting is an artform, you are van Mogh. With this award, we honour a Host whose Mo-ment will go down in Mo history.

Mo Your Own Way: The sky was the limit and you went beyond. This one’s for the big-thinking, bigger-doing, brazenly bold and wildly brave Mo Your Own Way master.

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The contest is open until 2nd December with winners announced on the 4th December.