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A portrait of a man drawn with a bike via GPS
The 2021 Movember Strava ArtworkImage by: Anthony Hoyte/Pedalling Picasso
A portrait of a man drawn with a bike via GPS
GPS Drawing of a cat
GPS drawing of man in flatcap
Portrait if man on bicycle
10 November 2021

Pedalling Picasso. Drawing Artwork With a Bicycle and GPS

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“If I see a road that looks like a nose, I then try and find the eyes, mouth…etc to go with it.”

The Movember Community often look at the world from a slightly different angle, and Anthony Hoyte a.k.a. Pedalling Picasso is no different.

Inspired by people that have used GPS Tracking to draw things on maps, he decided to have a go himself. But took it to a whole new level.

Since 2016 he’s been finding shapes – faces, snowmen, cats, elephants and more – in the roads, streets, and pathways that most of us take for granted as we travel from A to B.

" If I see a road that looks like a nose, I then try and find the eyes and mouth to go with it. "

Over the last 5 years his artworks have become more detailed, gone viral and gained international recognition in print, online and on TV. This Saturday he’ll be taking to the streets of London – cycling 75 miles over 9 hours – to create an exclusive and bespoke piece of art especially for Movember, all to raise much needed awareness and funds for men’s health.

“Some of the people that do these things use a method whereby they pause their recording, cycle to another spot and resume it; this creates a straight line between the two points, but it can look like they've cycled through buildings. For me, it's important that my images reflect the street patterns and are continuous line drawings.”

Great art, takes great dedication. Anthony, we salute you. To donate to Pedalling Picasso, head here and help him reach is £3925 target - that's £1 for every man lost to suicide in 2020.

For more info on Pedalling Picasso and to see his full portfolio of GPS Masterpieces head to