Owain DoullImage by: Really Good Films
Owain with Siôn and his friends
25 November 2020

Owain Doull opens up about losing his best friend to suicide

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Owain Doull MBE is a Welsh road cyclist and Olympic gold medallist.

Earlier this year, his best mate Siôn took his own life.

“I think Siôn struggled a lot when the lockdown started. That face to face contact, that’s the really important stuff in life for people and for that to be taken away is dangerous.”

In the UK, 84 men a week take their own life. In celebration of Siôn’s life, Owain and his friends have been running 84km during Movember.

“It’s been a hard year. We wanted to find something to focus our energy and our efforts on, and Movember came round and we thought we’d get involved.

Of all the years to donate this is the year because with the impact of COVID and the lockdown on people’s mental health people need the support more than ever. It makes a difference; you can save lives.”

" It makes a difference; you can save lives. "

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